Is It Time to Consider a Nursing Home? 5 Things to Look Out For

Posted December 12, 2021 by in Lifestyle

If there is one thing none of us can escape in life, it’s getting older. This means that, before you know it, your once fit and active parents have reached retirement and their golden years. As your loved one maneuvers through their senior years, their health will start to decline, and it may be time to look into a nursing home for them.

Of course, you won’t want to make any rash decisions, so below are some signs to look out for in your loved one which may indicate it’s time to consider a nursing home.

Trouble Performing Daily Tasks

If your loved one used to always be on the go, you’ll quickly notice if they’re not keeping on top of things. Whether this means cooking dinner, doing the grocery shop, or keeping their home neat and tidy, if your loved one is struggling to perform the simplest of tasks, this could indicate that it’s time to consider a nursing home. Sadly, diseases like dementia could be the root cause behind your loved one having difficulty performing tasks and nursing homes will have professionals in place to provide the right level of care. 

Frequent Trips and Falls

If your loved one is having regular trips and falls, this is an early warning sign you cannot ignore. If they’re living independently and are having mobility issues, a tumble can lead to serious injuries. Also, if you’re not with them, lots of different fears may go through your mind. Should you spot any noticeable cuts or bruises on your loved one, this could indicate they’ve had a recent fall. If this becomes commonplace, it’s time to look into nursing homes.

Memory Problems

When having conversations with your loved one, you should notice something is up if they’re having difficulty remembering things. While memory problems are common as you age, if your loved one is forgetting key dates like their birthday or anniversary, this could indicate dementia.

When it comes to memory care, look for a facility like McKnight Place which has nursing homes St Louis that are designed for people with dementia. 

Poor Personal Hygiene

If your loved one has always taken great care of their appearance, you’ll naturally be worried if they’ve stopped taking care of themselves. Whether they’re not showering daily, or brushing their teeth, poor personal hygiene may be a sign of dementia too. When in doubt, it’s best to speak to their doctor, and if need be, consider a nursing home.

Cluttered Environment

When you walk into your loved one’s home, it will be hard to ignore clutter. If they have tons of junk piling up to the ceiling, this is a serious health hazard. While getting rid of clutter may be first on the agenda, if your loved one doesn’t think it’s a problem, it’s time to seek help and look into outside support.

If you resonate with any of the signs above when it comes to your loved one and how they live, it’s time to act. The sooner you do, the better. Once your loved one moves into a nursing home, this will take the weight off your shoulders, knowing they’re being well looked after.

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