Is Liposuction Safe: 8 Liposuction Risks You Need to Know About

Posted January 8, 2021 by in Lifestyle

As with any procedure, you face certain risks when getting liposuction. In 2018, over 258,000 people underwent this very procedure making it fairly common. It’s a great way to target those pesky pockets of fat that just won’t seem to go away.

Before you decide to undergo this procedure, it’s important to be aware of the risks. Read on to find eight liposuction risks:

1. Clotting

One of the liposuction complications is blood clotting. Due to the decrease in fluids and the need to be off your feet for some time, there may be a greater risk for blood clots to form in the legs.

2. Loss of Sensation

Because some nerves are damaged in any surgical procedure, there is often some loss of sensation. Afterward, the area around where you have undergone the procedure can be numb.

This may last for months but has the potential to be permanent.

3. Infection

It is always important to keep up with the cleanliness and care of your surgical area. One of the risks of liposuction is infection. For any surgery that requires an incision, there is a chance of wound infection.

4. Anesthesia Complications

Liposuction can be done with local and general anesthetics. General poses much more of a risk. In most cases, systemic anesthesia causes complications meaning that too much was given to accomplish too much surgery.

Most anesthesia complications are due to human error.

5. Fluid Accumulation

Seromas, or temporary pockets of fluid, may form under the skin. These usually form after surgery that requires disturbance or removal of tissue. The fluid contained in these seromas is plasma that has seeped from damaged blood vessels.

Drainage tubes prevent these from happening. If this does occur, the fluid can be drained by a needle.

6. Fat Embolism

A fat embolism is an urgent medical emergency. This occurs when a piece of fat breaks away and is trapped inside the blood vessel. It can gather in the lungs and even travel to the brain.

7. Unevenness

You may experience contour irregularities. The skin can appear bumpy or wavy due to uneven fat removal, strange healing, and poor elasticity of the skin. Damages done beneath the skin can also cause a spotted appearance.

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8. Reaction to Lidocaine

Lidocaine is a numbing medication or a local anesthetic that helps manage pain associated with a liposuction procedure. Lidocaine toxicity could cause tonic-clonic seizures, facial tingling, vertigo, slurred speech, circumoral numbness, and tinnitus.

Awareness of Liposuction Risks

Undergoing any procedure puts you at risk. It is always important to be aware of the complications that can occur.

Many people have chosen to take the risk and get the procedure done without experiencing any complications. Now that you know the liposuction risks, you can make the best decision for your body.

*Photos by Anna Shvets