Items We’re Coveting From the H&M HOME Store This Month—all Under $50!

Posted February 5, 2021 by in Home/ Shopping

I was first introduced to the H&M HOME store about five years ago when the new and improved H&M re-opened in Herald Square. The top floor of that H&M only has home products, and boy did I fall in love. There are a lot of stylish items such as shower curtain, rugs, pillows, planters, and even kitchen must-haves like mugs and silverware.

While H&M has sold decor items abroad for years, their home items only became available to US shoppers within the last few years and I’m so happy about it. Cause let’s get real, IKEA is an amazing affordable option for decor, but you can’t have everything IKEA. Otherwise, you risk your home looking like either a dorm room or a sterile IKEA showroom.

If you’re looking to change up your decor this month, here are some decor items I am currently coveting from the H&M HOME store—all under $50!

What decor item was your favorite? Share your answer in the comments below!