Meet Jennifer Chun: Fashion’s Rising Star

Posted October 8, 2012 by in Lifestyle

Jennifer Chun is a Manhattan-based fashion designer with roots in small-town Ohio. She had the opportunity to work at Michael Kors, Derek Lam and Brian Reyes before starting her own line in 2009.

Jennifer Chun had her first Fashion Week debut at the GenArt show back in 2011. Big names such as Rodarte, Zac Posen and Phillip Lim got their start there, so keep an eye out for Jennifer. One of her collections will be in your wardrobe someday!

A couple of weeks ago, Broke & Chic had the opportunity to attend Jennifer Chun’s Spring/Summer 2013 presentation in Soho. We we able to admire her beautiful Barcelona inspired collection as well as ask her a few questions!

Q&A with Jennifer Chun

What inspired you to be a fashion designer? 

JC: Growing up in a small town forced me to be creative with my clothes.  I didn’t really have the options to go shopping so I used to take my parents vintage clothes and alter them.  They really had some incredible things.

I loved how you paired British inspired shoes (creepers) with your classy collection. What gave you that idea? 

JC: I’ve always loved making something more preppy or tomboyish and the shoes really represented me.

In your opinion, what do you think fashion week means to “regular” people? (Those not in the fashion industry and those who live in small towns)

JC: I think it’s even more exciting now and more accessible than when I grew up in a small town.  Now you can go on websites or blogs to see what is going down the runway and in a matter of weeks you can purchase something similar from the trend based stores.

How did you challenge yourself as a designer during this collection? 

JC: This season was a really fun season for me because of the print and color combinations. I challenged myself this season by really pushing myself to keep my point of view strong while also making sure that the collection is balanced with wearability. I also challenged myself with developing my own print.

In your own wardrobe, what items do you think are worth the splurge and what items would you rather save on? 

JC: In my own personal wardrobe I think it’s important to splurge on great outerwear pieces because it is a staple for me and that’s also how I design.  I tend to save on really really trendy items such as certain prints or silhouettes that you know you can only wear a few times.

What do you think the number one trend will be this coming spring?

JC: I think it will be about layering pieces!

What do you think of Jennifer’s classy meets trendy collection? Let us know if the comments below!