Job Skills You’d Be Smart to Learn in College

Posted August 4, 2020 by in Career
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While in college, you will be almost guaranteed to experience such a wealth of learning experiences as well as concrete information that will leave you better prepared to enter the workforce after graduation. With such an overwhelming influx of knowledge, it can be hard to figure out exactly what to concentrate on and which of the skills you will need to perfect to become a desired employee in the future. But there are a number of these skills that make it easier to stand out from the crowd when you are looking for a job after you have finished your schooling.

Hiring managers often look for a mixture of what they call hard and soft skills, the combination of which will make you a stellar choice for hiring and prove your well-roundedness as a potential future part of the company you are applying with. Hard skills are skills that generally involve a lot of technical information and know-how and are easily tested for knowledge. Soft skills are more social-oriented and harder to quantify on paper than hard skills involving a lot of concrete knowledge retention. 

While in college, you will have an opportunity to experience and learn a large mixture of both hard and soft skills while pursuing your degree. Hard skills are learned through the credit-bearing courses and classes you enroll in while soft skills are picked up through relevant experience in practicing these skills in a variety of situations that help you hone your skills.

Regardless of your degree path, you will want to concentrate on a healthy mixture of the skills listed below so that you can be one of the applicants that stand out from the crowd after graduation:

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Microsoft Suite

The Microsoft Suite of programs is used almost universally around the world in everything from offices to laboratories. Having a solid foundation in getting the most from these programs will make you a desired candidate when it comes to finding employment after graduation.

This goes well beyond a generic spreadsheet and typing in Word, so be sure that you take advantage of every opportunity to learn as much as you can about all of these programs while in college!

Written Communication

Learning how to properly communicate through writing is such a highly valued skill that they even offer courses as a part of the college curriculum in order to best hone your skills with this. Consider taking one of these classes, especially if it offers a certificate or goes into your transcript as proof of your mastery of this highly sought after skill set.

Being able to communicate through writing is one of the top things a lot of employers look for when hiring a new employee, so this early effort will go a long way toward improving your chances of getting a good job. 

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development has become one of the most highly sought after skills, especially for those with computer science or software engineering degrees. Mobile app development is a unique subset of coding and requires a highly skilled repertoire of knowledge in order to succeed.

Consider adding these classes so that you can hit the ground running with a skill that is often a career all on its own, as evidenced by this Digital Authority Partners article about outsourcing mobile app development. 

Public Speaking

Being able to confidently and clearly communicate in front of groups of people is one of the top skill sets of highly desired employees. Public speaking is often offered as an elective course, but opportunities abound to learn this skill through the college experience as well.

Whether you take a class or not, honing this skill will give you the self-assurance to communicate verbally with anyone who crosses your path, including job interviewers as you begin your career after graduation!

Leadership and Management

Another skill that will help you stand out from other job applicants after graduation is the ability to manage and lead the people around you. Management skills and leadership qualities are both highly sought after skills when employers are looking to hire someone for their team.

Being able to demonstrate one or both of these will set you apart from the rest of the applicants and increase your chances of landing the job. 


With elective courses available and a wealth of knowledge found around the internet, learning some basic HTML coding can give you a leg up on the competition when it comes to landing a good job. This skill set is remarkably widespread in its use and can give you an additional advantage in the application process as well as a foundation for future growth and understanding of other aspects. From websites to backend management tools, having a basic knowledge of HTML might be what distinguishes your qualifications from other potential employees. 

Deciding on a career path is never easy and the worry of being able to find a good-paying job for your efforts is another concern for many across the country and world. No matter what you ultimately decide to major it, studying some or all of the skills above will be sure to get you even closer to finding that dream job after you graduate. Doing your research through a trusted source of information will help ease the tension and worry and help you feel empowered in making the decision that is right for you. 

While not all of these skills are something you can learn through a traditional course, they are readily available to learn if you know where to look. Get involved on your campus or with your advisors to find all the opportunities you can to learn some of these desirable skills and improve your chances of success after you graduate.

With the right knowledge and skills, you will soon find yourself confident in your ability to find a job with good pay after graduating from college!

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