Keep An Eye Out For These 5 Spring Fashion Trends In 2020

Posted January 21, 2020 by in Fashion
Girls wearing neon

With winter slowly coming to an end, it’s time to overhaul our wardrobes and get them ready for spring. This includes brighter colors, lighter fabrics, more creative outfits, and new trends.

Whether you’re a full-on fashionista or just can’t wait to ditch your winter jackets, spring fashion for 2020 is feminine, yet bold, colorful, and classic. Leather, be it real or faux, is making a comeback, along with neon colors, floral prints, and hot pants.

Here are the 5 fashion trends 2020 that’ll open the following spring season with a bang:

spring 2020 fashion trends

  1. Highlighter-Inspired Neons

Neons are still going strong this spring fashion season, especially highlighter-inspired green, orange, pink, and yellow. You’ll find them on t-shirts, coats, jackets, accessories, bags, and even shoes, and if you’re bold enough to wear them, you’ll be sure to attract looks and compliments on the street.

Highlighter-Inspired Neons

  1. All Crochet Everything

Crochet in fashion is not the same as your grandma’s family heirloom, but this season, it’ll take over the runways and city streets. From dainty feminine crochet dresses to breezy tops, bralettes, and bags, the crochet trend is something you don’t want to miss in spring 2020.

Crochet bralett

  1. Hot Pants

Hot pants will be back this spring, and as the weather gets warmer, you’ll see them more and more on runways and city streets. You can wear them with or without tights, and combine them with wedges, sandals, sneakers, or even spring booties.

Whether they’re denim, knitted, spandex, or linen, hot pants are making a great comeback this fashion season. To elevate the hot pants style for nighttime, wear black shorts with black tights underneath combined with black boots or high heels.

woman wearing hot pants

  1. Floral Patterns and Accessories

From floral-patterned dresses and tops to shoes, bags, and accessories, everything blossoms in spring, including your style. The most popular pattern of the season will be the daisy flower, followed by mixed floral prints, roses, orchids, lilies, and irises.

Find your perfect accessories at Laura Janelle and welcome spring with a dose of floral sparkle. Don’t forget to complete your style with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a floral neck scarf!

Long floral dress

  1. Spring Leather

Real and faux leather isn’t just for fall and winter; now you can wear colorful leather clothes in the spring as well. From neutral beige, brown, and black to neons and pastels, the classic leather jacket is a can’t-miss fashion item.

Leather leggings and pants will also be trendy, alongside bags and shoes. If you have a knack for combining clothing well, go bold and try an all-leather head-to-toe outfit this spring.

pink leather jacket

Get Your Wardrobe Ready With These Fashion Trends for 2020!

From bold neons to crafty crochet, this spring fashion season will be exciting, colorful, and daring, especially after a long, cold winter.

Whether you want to follow the trends to a tee or just want to implement some pieces in your existing wardrobe, there’s an element of freshness in each item.

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