Keeping Your Brain in Tip Top Health

Posted August 13, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

Your brain is an important part of your body so keeping it in good working order is essential for your general health and to hopefully prevent problems later on in life with regards to memory loss. Following these key tips will help to ensure you maintain a healthy functioning brain. 

Play Chess 

Chess is an all round great game to keep your brain ticking over. It enables you to concentrate, improve your memory function, be creative and try to think about the game from the other person’s perspective by pre-empting their next move. This enables your brain to use a plethora of skills that will keep your mind sharp and prevent it from getting lazy. It can even help to prevent Dementia forming later on in life according to various studies. So if you have never tried chess before, give it a go.  

Eat Healthily 

Ensuring you eat a good balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables will give your brain the much needed boost it needs from the abundance of vitamins and nutrients. Foods rich in B vitamins and omega 3 are also very good for your brain so definitely try to include these in your diet. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water is good for nourishing the body but it is also very good for maintaining your brain function, probably more so than you realised. Staying sufficiently hydrated each day will help to keep your brain cells in good working order which is important so that they can carry out their job efficiently. 

Get Active 

Doing some exercise which gets your heart rate going and blood pumping to your brain is certainly beneficial. Oxygen and blood is pumped towards the brain when you are physically active which is ideal to keep your brain healthy. So the more exercise you can try and fit in each week, even if it is only a short session, the more your brain will benefit. 

Do Some Word Puzzles 

There are a variety of puzzles that you can complete, such as crosswords, kriss kross, word connect answers, word searches and many more. If you find one that you particularly enjoy you will be more likely to do this as a hobby when you have a bit of spare time.

With the abundance of apps and websites now it is certainly easy to find a game that you will enjoy that is also good for using your brain cells. 

Read a Book

Sitting down to escape into a good book is a useful way to both relax but also stimulate your brain. Reading encourages your brain to concentrate on the words on the pages and understand what they are saying. It also helps to work on your memory function as you try to recall what has previously happened in the book. So when you next have a free moment and want to relax, pick up a book instead of your cell phone. 

*Photos by cottonbro