Keeping Your Home Clean During The Winter

Posted January 28, 2022 by in Decor
Woman in Green Button Up Shirt Holding Cleaning Supplies

How has the winter affected your home? Maybe it’s just a bit colder than usual? Or maybe you’re also noticing that there’s a lot more dust around? Don’t worry, we all do! And whether you want to get a cleaning service in or not, the winter can make our homes look cluttered and grimy, even on the warmer days. 

However, it’s not as hard as you might think to keep your home clean in the colder season. All it takes is a bit of prep work and some vigilance over what you’re tracking in! So, let’s go through the best preventative-cleaning methods below. 

Person Holding Cleaning Rag and Cleaning Spray

Prepare the Doorway

The first thing you should do here is be mindful of your entryway. It’s where all the dirt is going to be let into your home, so at least make sure there’s a welcome mat either side of the door before people come in. And if you want to take this a step further, make sure there’s a shoe rack available, as well as a coat stand, to keep wet and potentially muddy shoes and jackets off of the walls and floors as they dry. 

You’ll also want to clean this area of your home on a weekly basis. Vacuum or mop the floor every weekend, make sure any furnishings are well waxed and dried, and take some time to scrub down or beat the mats outside the door. 

Keep Shoes and Feet Clean

Following on from preparing the entryway, during the winter period it’s going to be incredibly easy to track in mud and dirt and dead leaves from the outside all over your living room carpet, and let’s not forget just how many stains can end up in the hallway! As a result, it’s best to institute a policy in your home: shoes off at the door, and don’t let any shoes come near flooring in the living room or kitchen. 

Not only that, but if you’ve got pets, make sure you take a moment to clean their paws off when bringing them in from a walk. You may also want to keep a grooming brush by the door as well, to help keep fur piles from appearing on your floor elsewhere in the house. Winter coats can shed quite a lot! 

Wash Out Garbage Cans

The winter season is also cold and flu season, and if you’ve got someone with the sniffles in your home, don’t let used tissues pile up in the garbage! Empty the can regularly, and then wash it out with antibacterial soap at least once a week. Otherwise you’ll let germs breed in there at a double rate, and the can itself may end up very smelly. Do yourself a quick favor and just wash it out and leave to dry every once in a while. 

Your home can be extremely clean during winter – it just takes a bit more elbow grease! Keep tips like those above in mind for your cold season.