Keeping Your Jewelry In Order: 7 Tips for How to Organize Jewelry

Posted March 10, 2020 by in Fashion
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People are like magpies. We love shiny things that sparkle and glint in the sun. More to the point, we’re willing to pay megabucks to get our hands on them!

All told, Americans spend around $80 billion on fine jewelry and watches every year.

Humans have adorned themselves with beautiful things since the dawn of time. Whether it’s diamond rings or necklaces made of flowers, jewelry makes you look and feel amazing.

Unfortunately, this adoration comes with some practical challenges. Most of us have more jewelry than we know what to do with! Knowing how to organize jewelry properly is a valuable skill to master. Fail in this regard and your prized pieces can get lost. With everything nicely organized, though, you’ll know never lose an item of jewelry again. Sound good?

Keep reading for 7 top jewelry organization tips:

7 Tips for How to Organize Jewelry

  1. Hang It from the Walls

When most people think about jewelry organization, they imagine hiding it away somehow. And, for sure, there are all sorts of clever and effective ways to stow your items away in an organized fashion. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way.

After all, your jewelry is beautiful by very nature. Why not combine your need for an organization with an attractive wall display?

There are different ways to do this. One idea of particular note, though, would be to attach chains to your wall. Hammer a few nails into the wall and dangle a line of chain between then. Place hooks along the chain, and then set about attaching your jewelry to the hooks!

When you’re done you’ll have successfully placed your finery on display and out of the way.

  1. Use Sticks and Driftwood

Okay, here’s another way to make use of your walls. This time, though, we’re waving goodbye to chains and saying hello to wooden sticks. Yes, you read that correctly- sticks!

Head out into the garden or the local park. Better still, if you’re somewhere coastal, hit the beach to gather a selection of attractive driftwood.

From there, clean it up and dry it all out and you’ve got the makings of a quality display. Hammer some nails into the wall, attach some twine to either end of the sticks and screw some hooks into the wood. With that done, you can hang the wood from the walls! All that’s left to do is to hang your jewelry from the hooks.

Voila, you’ve organized your jewelry into a chic and natural wall display.

  1. Decorate a Tree

What’s the best part of Christmas? The food, of course. But a close second is decorating the tree, right?!

Well, it’s time to harness the Christmas spirit and find yourself a small tree to decorate with your jewelry. That’s right, the branches of a tree offer an ideal (and attractive) way to organize your finery!

Imagine having a small, dried-out tree on your desk. Absent of leaves, you’ve got a natural means of hanging your necklaces and bracelets. Place it in a pot and you can put your rings around the base to create a magical, boho-inspired room decoration.

  1. Get Your Hands on Drawer Inserts

Want a less creative but far easier way to organize your jewelry? Purpose-made drawer inserts offer the perfect solution. Think about your kitchen and the cutlery holder in the top drawer. You could buy yourself something similar and simply pop your jewelry in it!

Now, we recommend going one step further and labeling each section. That way, you’ll avoid the temptation to throw everything into one big mess in the drawer. Keeping everything divided will help you find what you need in a hurry.

Better still, you’re less likely to lose your favorite items.

  1. Install Wall Cabinets

Imagine a tiny wardrobe designed to hold your jewelry. Plonk it on your wall somehow and you’re onto an organizational winner. All your jewelry will be safely stowed and out of the way. Decorate the cabinet and you get an attractive wall display in the process!

Of course, there’d be nothing stopping you from attaching a padlock to the cabinet either. Functioning as a safe, all of your valuable jewelry will be both away from prying eyes and safely locked away.

  1. Use Individual Boxes

There’s nothing worse than having one big tangle of jewelry to sort through. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings get all mixed up. They’re difficult to separate and there’s a risk of damaging items too. More to the point, it’s far harder to find the item you’re looking for at any given time.

One way of solving the problem is to find, make, or buy boxes for each type. You could have one beautiful box for your rings, another for your necklaces, and so on. You could even have one for your jewelry cleaning productsThis is an effective way to keep everything separate and to hand.

Stow those boxes away in a drawer somewhere, or keep them on display. Either way, your jewelry will be nicely organized and ready to wear.

  1. Leverage Hanging Baskets

We love hanging decorations. It’s a great way to maximize limited space and create an eye-catching display at the same time.

It would also make an ideal organizational solution for your jewelry! Attach a hook to the ceiling (make sure it’s strong enough to hold the weight of your jewelry) and hang baskets in cascading fashion from it.

Each basket could hold a different item of jewelry! Decorate those baskets, drape some fairy lights from them, and in one fell swoop, you’ve made something visually stunning and seriously practical.

Life is better when you’re surrounded by beautiful things. As such, you can never have enough jewelry! Unless that is, your collection is so poorly organized that it’s getting out of hand. In these cases, knowing how to organize jewelry is all-important.

Hopefully, this post will help you do it. Want to read more articles like this one? Search ‘jewelry’ on the website now!