Keto vs. Carnivore Diets—Which One Suits Your Diet Needs Better?

Posted February 26, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

Many people usually envision a supremacy battle whenever they see statements like keto vs. carnivore. Their minds immediately take “sides” and line up the way football fans do whenever their teams clash. However, matters regarding keto and carnivore diets are not contests where two diets compete against each other. Instead, they are more like two sides of the same coin and operate like a glove and hand. Therefore, it’s beneficial to look at their differences in terms of the valuable difference they can make in your life.

But before proceeding to see which diet suits your needs better, it’s critical to define them. First, these two diets recommend eating fats and proteins. However, a carnivore diet requires one to avoid all forms of plant foods, resulting in zero carbs intake. Inversely, the keto diet recommends taking huge vegetable amounts as long as one controls their carbohydrate intake. It also emphasizes fats.

So, remain with this post to learn more. Eventually, you will be better placed to know what matters (and why). You will be more informed to know when and why to choose either diet instead of engaging in imaginary keto vs carnivore contests.

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Two Key Factors That Necessitate Each Diet

So, what necessitates one diet in your life? What should you consider before choosing to go for keto or carnivores? Here are the leading factors to consider before opting to go keto or carnivore.

Persistent Health Challenges

A wise man once said that if you don’t eat food as your medicine, you will end up eating medicine as your food. He was more than right because you are what you eat. In fact, food is your first line of defense against all diseases. Thus, your desire to combat different health complications should inform your choice between keto and carnivore. 

For example, settle for a carnivore diet if you want to combat gut, inflammation, and autoimmune-related challenges. Choosing a carnivore diet helps you remove fodmaps, toxic veggie oils, fiber, and anti-nutrients. 

Weight Regulation

For those fighting excess weight, siding with the keto diet can be a better option, at least in the short-term. A 2017 study in Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome revealed that a keto diet is excellent for obese and overweight people who may want to reduce weight without exercising. It revealed that this diet is “metabolically and aesthetically” perfect. 

The report also showed that keto is effective and safe if you intend to decrease fat without losing lean mass. So, you can see clearly that one’s immediate health needs and objectives determine each diet’s appropriateness. This reality arises when you look at the two diet options objectively and practically.

There you have it. This post has discussed the facts and buried the debate. You are now standing between two sides of the same coin. It’s up to you to examine which one fits your dietary and health needs best when you need it. Hopefully, you should be better placed to use this information to make an informed choice.