Kids’ Birthdays on a Budget—A Quick Guide

Posted January 4, 2023 by in Lifestyle

With the cost of living climbing ever higher and the price of some basic goods rising to eye-watering levels, plenty of families across the country are finding ways to cut back on their spending and prepare for a period of saving rather than spending. For most families, this will mean being a little less extravagant, and choosing when to treat themselves and their children to something special. As birthdays usually constitute one of those special days, here are ways that you can still treat your children, but without parting with too much cash. 

Little girl in green dress holding gold balloons on her birthday

Parties, not Presents

Throwing a birthday party for your child might make for a far better way to spend money on them than simply purchasing a bundle of presents for them, many of which they might be destined not to play with for more than a week. There are some simply astonishing kids birthday party venues out there, many of which are affordable despite offering a huge amount of fun to your child and their friends. The added benefit of throwing a large party for your child is that they’ll get gifts from all their friends, which will go some way to replace those you’ve chosen not to purchase yourself. 

Selected Gifts

If you would like to throw and party and also purchase presents for your child, yet you’re still looking to save cash, you’ll want to be highly selective in the kinds of presents that you choose. Make sure you’re only purchasing gifts that you’re convinced your child will adore long into the future. If they don’t, you’ll feel that you’ve wasted cash that you could have put into saving for an experience with your children. Instead of purchasing ten presents, keep it to two or three, and make them gifts you know will keep on giving

Little Treats

Your children won’t have a highly developed idea of the costs of their birthday. They’ll know that a new Xbox is more expensive than a new schoolbag, but they’ll not be able to chart that you’re spending less on treats for them than you might have done in previous years. What it comes down to, actually, is the thoughtfulness of the treat and the way that it’s presented. A little surprise gift on the eve of their birthday, even if it costs just a handful of dollars, can go a long way to making them feel they’re having the most special of birthdays. 


Finally, there’s always a time in a child’s life when they should have a bank account of their own. It’s at this moment that you might be interested in giving them some cash to save – either in a special savings account, or in a number of other savings and investment schemes. This is a smart move if you’re looking to treat your child to something that’ll make them feel a little more grown up, while your money will be safe and steadily growing in an account that you give to your child. 

kids eating cake at a birthday party

You can make your child’s next birthday party more affordable without sacrificing the fun. Just take note of these tips and be careful when choosing exactly how to spend your birthday budget in 2023.

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