Kitchen Styles to Consider When Buying a Home

Posted August 29, 2021 by in Home

The kitchen is often the most important room in a home. It’s where we cook and eat, gather with friends and family, entertain guests, do homework, or work on projects. The way you feel when you enter your kitchen can have a huge impact on how much time you spend there.

When considering what style of kitchen to install in your new home, it’s worth taking some time to think about what will make it feel like home for you. Homebuyers have many styles to choose from, and deciding which one is right for you can be daunting – but we’re here to help!

Below are 5 styles of kitchens to consider:

Modern Style

The modern kitchen has changed a lot over the years. Innovations in technology and design have influenced what we cook, how we cook it, and where we do so. From your standard stovetop to an extravagant induction range, today’s kitchens are quite different from those of generations past. Modern kitchens are designed to be open and airy. They often have a large island in the middle for preparing food that is convenient for cooking, eating, or entertaining.

There are many quality brands like Gruppo Cucine offering wonderful Italian modern kitchen designs. The modern kitchen features clean lines with accents of stainless steel appliances and wood cabinetry. Having lots of natural light from windows on three sides adds to the experience and makes it look spacious and welcoming. 

Beach Style

The beach is a place of relaxation and escape, so why not bring the feeling home to your kitchen? The colors of white, blue, and turquoise are perfect for a coastal style that will make you feel like you’re on vacation all year long. With these fresh colors in mind, you can create a relaxing space that’s just as beautiful as it is functional.You’ll also want to incorporate plenty of natural elements into your design like wood or bamboo countertops and light colors on the walls with white shades mixed in throughout since women love clean spaces.

Industrial Style

The industrial kitchen style is a look that has been en vogue for some time now. It’s tough and raw with the right balance of masculinity and femininity. With a touch of modernism, this trend has made its way into our homes and onto our social media feeds.

Industrial design is a bold and daring way of living. It’s about rough, raw materials that make people feel alive and awake. The clean lines and angles of the kitchen are sharp enough to cut through any monotony in life, giving you an outlet for creativity on every surface. With this type of kitchen, you will always be ready to take on anything life throws at you.

Mediterranean Style 

Who doesn’t love a kitchen that has a Mediterranean style? This type of kitchen is characterized by the use of earthy tones, natural textures and materials, and high ceilings. It’s an inviting space where you’re more likely to spend time cooking with friends than alone.

Mediterranean kitchen style is a type of kitchen design that comes from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. These are typically warm and comforting, with an emphasis on family cooking.  Some common features include open shelving, large windows for natural light, and rustic elements such as exposed brick or wood beams. 

The Mediterranean Kitchen Style has been popular in recent years because of its timeless feel. 

Cottage Style 

What do you picture when you think of a cottage kitchen? Warm colors, natural textures and creamy whites. This style is rustic but comfortable and inviting. A kitchen style that is both simple and charming, the cottage kitchen design is perfect for any woman who loves to cook. With its beautiful white cabinets, natural wood surfaces and rustic accents it really feels like home.

The backsplash and countertops are often made of natural, unrefined materials like stone or wood. Cabinets may be weathered with chipped paint and simple metal handles. Appliances are usually muted in color and function. All the ingredients are kept in one place, so you can forget about searching through cluttered cupboards or drawers. The best part? It’s not expensive at all.

What’s your kitchen design style? Let us know in the comments below!

*Photos by Dane Deaner