Know About This Secretive Element Adding Class to Your Living Room

Posted April 27, 2021 by in Decor

“For those who are afraid of mixing different wood tones, I would say not only can you but you must. If all woods are the same, it looks like bad hotel decorating.”

-Alexa Hampton 

Be it an ancient style of home decor or the lavish modern age theme; there is something that almost every homeowner wishes to see in their living area. Thinking what it is? Let’s take you through the details. 

The secret ingredient to adding grace in your home is here: 

Remember those lavish homes adorned with fireplaces adding a tinge of sophistication and grace to the ambiance? Now, many of you may consider it as yesterday’s home decor trend, but when it comes to amending a unique touch to the home, people can’t resist having a fireplace in position. 

And if you are lucky enough already to have a fireplace spot in your living area but don’t want to know how to revamp it into something brand new, here are some quick ideas waiting for you. 

Shop some vintage masterpieces – The whole idea of making your living area ready for a vintage look is not just all about getting a fireplace and fixing it in one corner. It is something more than that. You need to get some iconic vintage masterpieces like paintings, antique flower vases, or anything that adds to the beauty of your place. Prefer to go for a rustic or vintage look than something from the modern interior designing collection. 

Workaround the wall – As the world is looking forward to electric fireplaces while leaving behind the idea of ordinary fireplaces, it is essential to make arrangements accordingly. It is good to give the wall a rustic or ancient brick-style look for a perfect ambiance. It adds an authentic touch making your living area look stunning.

While you plan to give the wall a revamped look, don’t forget to learn how to install an electric fireplace insert into a cabinet designed just beneath the wall. However, it is no rocket science, but you need to keep a thorough check on the proper installation to alter the overall look of your fireplace and living area. 

Lighting matters the most – Although the electric fireplaces available in the market are already equipped with a unique lighting system, you need some extra lights to prettify the spot adequately when it comes to enhancing the fireplace corner.

This is one of the best ideas to give this special corner cozier and picture-perfect look. Plus, you always have the liberty to change the overall appearance based on your mood. 

You must have heard the phrase ‘home is the reflection of the personality then why not let people impress it? When talking about creating a lasting impression on your guests, people need to pay special attention to the living area decor. And all that comes with a unique touch that’s hard to find anywhere else in your vicinity. For this, preferring an electric fireplace over any warmer is the best approach to experiment with. 

*Photos by Mikhail Nilov