Know How Your Mattress Is Messing With Your Health

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Know How Your Mattress Is Messing With Your Health

It is a well established fact that every adult should sleep for six to eight hours a day. Nonetheless, it can be daunting to achieve this goal, especially if you have the wrong mattress. Health issues are likely to characterize your life in the long run. This article offers you the details on how your mattress is ruining your health so that you can find solutions for sleeping problems.

The wrong mattress messes with your health in the following ways:

Solutions for sleeping problems

Back Pain

Failure to invest in a firm and supportive mattress can cause back pain. It can be explained by the fact that your spinal cord’s natural curves need to be supported rather than pulled or pushed. Soft and sagged mattresses tend to put pressure on the tendons and ligaments connecting the spine to other bones.

Neck Pain 

The best sleeping position, physicians indicate, is when your head is even with the trunk. Otherwise, you are likely to experience neck pain regularly. While a pillow plays a major role in determining the head’s position during the night, a mattress is also likely to have an effect if it is saggy and lumpy. Replace such a mattress with a firm one to eliminate the pain. 


It is possible that your regular allergies happen because your old mattress has been a perfect home for dust mites. The small creatures hide in the mattress and feed on dead human skin. Their feces and debris will accumulate and cause allergies and other respiratory issues such as asthma.

The solution to this problem is to replace your mattress immediately. 

Night Sweats 

Waking up in a pool of sweat is very uncomfortable. In fact, you may be forced to wake up in the middle of the night to change the bedding. One of the causes for this issue is sleeping on a mattress made of materials that tend to hug the body. The heat being released from your body will be trapped, leading to excessive heat. Accordingly, you must be careful to select the right materials when purchasing a mattress. 

Mould and Fungus Infections 

Mattresses found in bedrooms with humidity and inadequately ventilation are likely to house fungus and mould. A spore or two will be released into the air as you make turns in your slumber.

Without making the necessary changes such as buying a new mattress and ventilating the room, you will soon start to have respiratory complications. 

Joint Pain

An extremely firm mattress will cause pain and soreness areas such as knee, sides, and hips. The ideal solution in such circumstances is to find mattress toppers. Better still, you must avoid purchases super-firm mattresses. 

Sleep Deprivation 

Taking the wrong position in your sleep will cause major disruptions. The back, joint, or neck pain, coupled with respiratory issues, will make it difficult to sleep. Your quality of life will be poor as a result.  

High Stress Levels 

An old mattress will cause a release of the stress-related hormones, cortisol. The regular pain and lack of sleep for a long time will cause stress and other psychological issues. Buying a new mattress is, therefore, advisable. 


A mattress that does not support the body well is likely to create tension on the airways, which in turn leads to snoring. It can further cause obstructive sleep apnea. 

Clearly, investing in a good mattress is worthwhile. You will avoid health complications such as joint pain, excessive sweating, neck pain, snoring, and stress among others. Always do proper research and find reputable mattress dealers before making the purchases. 

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