Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the People Who Have Everything

Posted December 21, 2015 by in Lifestyle

Christmas is only days aways, and many people are just now getting their shopping lists finished up (myself included). I don’t know why I don’t plan

I’m a last minute Christmas shopper. I of course know I need to purchase gifts for people at the beginning of December, but I almost always wait until the very last minute. Why? Who knows. Luckily, I’m pretty much done. The last gifts I need to buy are for the difficult people. You know, the people who seem to already have everything they need. I have pretty much decided what I’m getting for those difficult people — just see for yourself below:

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the People Who Have Everything // #brokeandchic

For the Foodie

Foodies can be extremely difficult to shop for. Especially if you have never been in their kitchen. You could of course get them something funny, like these onion goggles, or you could get them something that they can’t purchase in stores, like Graze.

Graze is a subscription service for snacks! Every week, they’ll get four or eight new snacks to try. And they’ll re-send you your favorites, and send you more snacks based off of your favorite snacks. The best part? You can send a Graze snack box for the foodie in your life for only $11.99!

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the People Who Have Everything // #brokeandchic

$11.99 a box

For the Athlete

Whether you need to shop for an athlete, an adventurer, or simply a person that likes to stay active and healthy, you might be stumped on what to get. There’s only so many athletic socks, and running shorts they can take! Perhaps purchase them a Groupon for an activity: a rock climbing lesson, a personal training session, a boxing lesson…

Or, you could get them something fun like a boomerang. You know, the Australian hunting device that comes back to you. Don’t worry, they aren’t just for hunting anymore, and there’s so many different kinds of boomerangs that exist. There are boomerangs designed to travel at high speeds, to ensure they come back. There’s also boomerangs that are bigger and asymmetrical, with one heavier side so they gain momentum. If this sounds like a great gift, there are many Australian boomerangs for sale at art galleries and department stores around the world. You could even give a boomerang lesson!

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the People Who Have Everything // #brokeandchic

For the Beauty Junkie

If your sister or bestie has more beauty products than anyone you know, you may want to consider getting them something hair or makeup related. Why not a miniature flatiron? A miniature flatiron would be the perfect addition to a gym bag or suitcase! They are also great for bangs.

Mini flatiron! #brokeandchic

Eva NYC Mini Styler: $29 via Urban Outfitters

For the Fashionista

Purchasing clothing for someone can be really difficult, so purchasing accessories would be the safest thing. Why not a Hairbanglez bracelet? These bracelets are perfect for the girl who always has hair ties on her wrist.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the People Who Have Everything // #brokeandchic

Hair Elastic Bracelet: $10 via Hairbanglez

Do you have any last-minute gift ideas? Let us know in the comments below!