Latest Collections of Baby Birth Announcement Cards

Posted June 18, 2020 by in Lifestyle

“Hey, meet my new cutie. My new world!”

“I express twice my love, twice my joy.”

“These Baby Birth Announcement Cards are the perfect one to celebrate my joy. I choose these to show up and share my feelings for a baby shower.”

But did you try this? Believe it or not, your happiness will get double. 

Let’s welcome yourself to the feeling of a sleepless night and sweet pain of kicking. Your attractive announcement for Baby Shower will surprise your relatives. It will add glow to their face and presence in your event. None will hold on to come to your celebration. It’s priceless and precious. 

So come and let’s explore together the latest collections of baby birth announcements cards. It bespeaks your emotional attachment with every design you choose:

birth announcement ideas

Baby Photo Grid 

Did you get twins or a boy or a girl? Happiness is equal for all. So, you can select the design of Baby Photo Grid. It is decorated with all the borders in customized colors. 

Here, you get a space at the bottom to leave a sweet message for inviting guests. Shoot some cute and awe-feeling photos of the baby and add it to the photo grid.

Let’s weave memories for life with Baby Photo Grid. 

Rainbow Cloud Palette 

With the rain season, let’s welcome the palette of color with a sip and see invites. You can select the colors and shape of a cloud to feature it in the invitation card. It’s good to keep a picture of a child in the bottom center and paint a rainbow with clouds. This will spread the good news most memorably. So, refine the font size and space up for the message for a welcoming effect. 

Let’s print this peel and seal the envelope with the most trendy colors. 

Split-Screen Photo Card 

The trend for split-screen photo cards never goes out of fashion. It is trendy and fulfills the desire for the equal size of the message and a similar proportion of the photo. You can make a heart-felt sweet announcement with the high-end paper quality. This will add a spark to your invitation with such a classic print on textured paper. Let’s print a splendid split-screen photo card with a minimalistic design. Its plain visuals are enough to speak your emotions. 

Buckle up your message with a customized background color to slide the memories of life. 

Starry Story Design 

This is the classic design to explore your journey from kicks till born. You can pen down your words with shimmering and night-like colors. It will give a moonlight effect with a bright shine and sparkling stars. To create an allure, you can post the picture of a sleeping child in between for a realistic impression. 

Let’s welcome your bundle of joy with a thousand hearts and classic starry story design. 

Click. Print. Post. This moment comes once or twice in a lifetime. Let’s illuminate it with love and laughter.