Learn How These Tops and Jeans Can Add Glamour to Your Style

Posted February 13, 2021 by in Fashion

Being the simplest and most preferred outfit by women nowadays, pairing jeans with tops requires fashion skills to flaunt your attire correctly. Many of us believe that throwing either of your jeans with either of your tops will form a potent combination for whatever occasion you need. But it would be best if you remembered that even jeans and tops need styling, to avoid ending up unflattering your appearance.

Your figure plays a crucial role in determining what type of jeans will suit you. Only when you thoroughly understand your body type will you be able to pick up the right pair of jeans and be fully satisfied with the result. Besides that, choosing designer tops for girls and accessories that go hand-in-hand with your lower is also essential to complete the look.

If you want to learn how to style tops and jeans for a dazzling 2021, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss some essential tips that every woman must know to step out in the right blend of jeans and tops.

Knowing Your Body Shape

The first step to selecting jeans that resonate with your figure is analysing your body type. All body shapes are beautiful in their way, and you must be aware of your silhouette to get the best out of it. It doesn’t matter whether you have an hourglass figure or a curvy one, for either of them will look fabulous when you wear the outfit that blends with it. The best way is to experiment with different styles and find the one that suits you the most.

We have jotted down five basic recommendations for different body shapes by experts.

5 Recommendations For 5 Body Types

  • Pear Figure

Avoid high-waist jeans. Instead, root for boyfriend or cropped mid-rise jeans.

  • Tall Figure

Wear jeans that run along the entire length of your leg, rather than the three-fourths. The tall figure gives you an edge with longer legs, and hence you must take advantage of it. 

  • Hourglass Figure

You can try various jeans styles with such a body shape since almost all will make a fantastic combination. Wearing high-waist and skinny jeans are preferred because of their ability to highlight and flatter your figure.

  • Petite Figure

If you have a willowy body shape, purchasing high-waist jeans will make you look more slender and thinner. It is always better to opt for cropped or straight leg jeans with platform footwear in such a case.

  • Curvy Figure

Instead of treating your figure as full of flaws by wearing overly-large tops and loose jeans, bring back the confidence. It’s time you stop hiding behind baggy outfits and be proud of every inch of you—bolden up your appearance with darker shades of jeans starting from high to mid-waist.

Picking The Right Jeans And The Perfect Tops

Instead of stepping into the brick-and-mortar stores, it’s better to go designer tops online shopping. Besides convenience, you can also avail versatility in prints and patterns of tops, and order online from anywhere in the world. Some latest trends in tops are:

  • Cropped tops
  • Tunics
  • Long Kurtas
  • Short Kurtis
  • Metallic Tops
  • Lace Embroidered Tops
  • Striped Tops
  • Printed Tops
  • Plain mono-coloured tees
  • Shirt-style tops

Tuck in your tees, step into a pair of stilettos and add voguish sunglasses to your outfit. Go all black with black denim jeans and a black cropped top. Match it with a couple of white sneakers and a backpack purse for a sporty look. The world is your stage, and with the styling tips mentioned above, you will steal the spotlight and become a showstopper.