Learning to Love the (Healthy) Foods You Hate

Posted March 24, 2017 by in Health + Fitness

Healthy eating. We know we should do it, but maybe it’s time to face facts. In general, healthy food is not as tasty as processed, junk food. There’s a reason for that, too. Healthy food is there to sustain you. It’s about nutrients. Being able to make it taste good is certainly possible and makes life easier, but it’s a fight it’s always going to lose in terms of taste. Processed, junk foods are specially designed to be consumed — and consumed in great volume, too. They are designed to trigger all of your food desires and even trick you into not feeling full.

Against the might of food science, the healthier options don’t stand a chance.

So when you try to make the switch to eating better, you face an uphill battle. Your body and brain still craves the same junk it’s been getting before; it can even verge on a full-on feeling of addiction. That’s why, when you make the change, you have to do all you can to get the most from what you’re consuming. If you’re going to overcome this craving, then you need to be able to tell yourself that what you’re doing is now so much better. You have to utilize all the weapons in your arsenal, from the likes of HCGDiet.com through to sampling techniques like the 5:2 diet as detailed on GetTheGloss.com.

Anything that helps you look in the mirror and say: “it’s worth putting up with cravings if it’s for the health benefits”. If you are also one of those looking for healthy foods to consume in your daily life then you can opt for Square Root snacks.

However, it is possible to train your tastebuds into accepting healthy foods. From there, you can eat for the benefits of nutrition rather than satisfying a manufactured craving. While a chunk of broccoli might never feel as good on your tongue as a fast food burger dripping in cheese, it doesn’t need to be unpleasant either. Below are some tips that will having you eating healthy in no time:

1. Find A Way You Can Eat Healthy Foods

In the initial stages of making the change, if you need to throw cheese on cauliflower to make yourself enjoy it: do it. This is about retraining your palette and your expectations of food, so do what it takes with sauces and dips to make you feel more confident eating better produce.

2. Play With Cooking Times

With vegetables, cooking it for the shortest amount of time is the best way to retain nutrients. However, this might be tough if you’re coming from a lifetime of junk. Rather than trying to eat vegetables almost-raw, cook them for as long as it takes to feel comfortable. It might dent the flavor, but then again, you might need it denting as you get used to it!

3. Play With Cooking Techniques

If you don’t like a certain vegetable steamed, that’s not the end of the road. You might prefer it used in a stir fry, baked, grilled, or even used as part of a casserole. Don’t assume you don’t like something based off one taste test; give it a chance, play with recipes, and switch the way you cook it. 

How do you stop junk food cravings so you can eat healthier? Let us know in the comments below!

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    I’m lucky that I’ve always liked healthy food!


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    Very helpful article! Mixing up your cooking technique is important great tips.