Letting Your Beauty Shine: 6 Ways to Make Your Hands Prettier

Posted August 21, 2019 by in Beauty
anti aging tips for the hands

The condition of a person’s hands can be a clear sign of their age. People who are trying to fight the effects of aging often neglect to pamper this part of their body and it shows. To avoid this problem try the following tips and see how great your hands can look and feel:

ways to make your hands prettier

Wear Gloves

When doing house or yard work, be sure to wear gloves to protect the hands. Dish soaps often contain abrasive agents to ensure the dishes get clean, but these abrasives tend to dry and irritate the skin. Hot water can be damaging as well, so never skip the gloves. The same is true when working outdoors to protect the skin from scratches, cuts, and scrapes that often occur when a person is working on the yard.

By wearing gloves, a person can display their hands and wear jewelry with pride.  Beautiful hands are perfect for all types of rings, and people can find dainty rings here.

Use Sunscreen

People, when applying sunscreen, often neglect to include their hands. Make certain you don’t make this mistake. Doing so could lead to freckles, sun spots, and more. While many parts of the body are covered during cool periods of the year, this is not always the case for the hands, so wear sunscreen or gloves whenever possible.

Men and women often forget to put their gloves on until the temperatures drop considerably. Keep in mind that snow reflects sunlight and can lead to sunburns and sun damage. Protect the hands all year long to keep them soft, smooth, and sun damage free. 

Moisturize Daily

Hands go through a great deal of abuse. Be sure to moisturize the hands regularly to lock in moisture while plumping the skin. This product should contain ingredients such as shea cream, vitamin E or olive oil to receive the most protection.

Tip: Use the moisturizer when the hands are slightly damp so the moisturizer can be easily absorbed. 


Use a scrub to exfoliate the skin. This helps to remove any dead or flaky skin cells and makes the skin look brighter. However, make certain the scrub is not too abrasive, as a strong product with harsh abrasives could damage the skin.

Minimize the Use of Hand Sanitizer

While it is smart to use hand sanitizer when there is no soap and water to wash the hands, try to keep use of the sanitizer to a minimum. The alcohol found in this product dries the skin and leaves it feeling rough.

If hand sanitizer must be used frequently for any reason, be sure to follow up with lotion as soon as possible. Although this can’t completely counteract the dry skin, it does help to keep the skin smoother.

Follow a Routine

Don’t pamper the hands once and assume they are taken care of. Create a routine and maintain it to keep the hands soft and supple. Use hand cream daily, cuticle oil and a nail strengthener regularly, and nail polish at least once a week. Healthy, polished nails add to a person’s appearance. Invest in professional manicures as often as possible as well. Doing so encourages you to keep up the routine between visits. 

The skin on the hands is thinner than on other parts of the body. Keep this in mind and make certain to care for them regularly and properly. Doing so will pay off in both the short and long run. 

Do you have a skin care routine for your hands? Let us know in the comments below!