Life Hack: Prepare For Summer Now And Save Money

Posted March 1, 2018 by in Lifestyle

Nothing good can come from waiting last minute, especially during the summer. When the temperature rises, people tend to do everything they possibly can to enjoy it while it lasts. Unfortunaly, many industries take advantage of that fact and just like the temperature, prices also rise. Gas? Outragous! Hotel rooms? Criminal! Swimsuits? Did someone say, ka-ching?!

To combat this annoying truth, the best thing you can do is plan ahead. Preparing for summer in March is the best way to snag yourself some quality bargains.

Consider Shopping Out Of Season

Off-season shopping is the secret for saving money when it comes to clothes. When I launched Broke & Chic back in 2011, one of my first articles was actually about off-season shopping. Off-season shopping is when you buy something on sale because it’s no longer in season. For example, now that it’s March, now is the time to buy a quality winter coat. No, you won’t be able to wear it for 8-12 months, but the money you’ll save will make it worth it. The best time to buy your swimsuits for Summer 2019 will be August or September of this year (when all the stores are trying to clear their summer inventory for winter attire).

Since you did in fact miss the timing to off-season shop for this upcoming summer you may need to go a different route. Your best bet is to look around some shops that specialize in selling leftover stock from other bigger brands, for example, TK Maxx, TJ Maxx, and Century 21Different styles of sundresses? Check. Lighter shoes for the summer? Check. How about some t-shirts? Absolutely. All for less! Thrifing some sundresses may also be a good decision. 

Book Your Vacaction ASAP

Booking your vacation a few months is advance could do a lot of good for your wallet. By April, you should have all your summer trips mostly planned and organized, otherwise you risk high travel fair, and extremely pricey accomodations in June. Booking this early could also get you cheaper plane tickets for your flight.  You will get a hefty amount of money off your bill, as well as the luxury of being able to pick just about any seats you and your friends or family might want. You could also look into Secret Flying (that’s how I booked my $400 roundtrip flight to Italy last year). 

Another thing which you can sort out much earlier, is the accommodation which you will be staying at during your trip. Despite hotels and hostels being the norm for the past century or so, the last few years saw a rather notable increase in people using Airbnb as a means of staying somewhere abroad. If you are not already familiar, Airbnb can prove to be much cheaper than a hotel, and usually consists of a room or two which you can rent for a few days.

However, if you’re staying with someone, or just have a surplus of money then you can even rent a whole house or flat for yourself to stay in. Not necessary, obviously, but it can prove to be quite the luxury after a whole day of being up and about on your feet as a tourist. I have stayed in Airbnb’s all over the world: Dominican Republic, The Netherlands, San Francisco, Italy, and Los Angeles. 

Get your fun in the sun essentials on the cheap

Even if you don’t plan on doing any heavy traveling during the summer, you will still need some basic things to look after yourself when the temps are high. Sunscreen is essential for sunny days (even when you’re not at the beach), as well as a sun protection product for your hair. Many people overlook this rather crucial step, but keep in mind that when it’s really sunny for extended periods of time, your hair literally gets bleached by the sun.

If you go to any bigger retailer of cosmetics or drugstore, they will most likely have these things on the shelf all year long, but once again, at a slightly more appealing price at this time. Waiting until June to buy sunscreen will result in you paying full price. 

I hope these tips help you save money so you can enjoy your summer!