Life Hacks for Moving—chaos Has No Chance!

Posted July 19, 2021 by in Lifestyle

In most cases, something does not go according to plan. Even with the best preparation, chaos and bad luck cannot be excluded. However, almost always, problems can be solved without much effort or special tools. So if you are moving, we have some life hacks that will make the experience more pleasant. We will tell you how ice cubes, stationery elastic bands, film and colored glue dots will help facilitate the move sans stress.

Before hiring the out of state movers check moving company reviews and ask for a moving Quote. Be prepared to save your money and download and print a moving checklist.

Special Boxes for Books

If you put 20 books in one box, not every loader will be able to lift it. Heavy cardboard boxes are not very useful for the back in principle. Solution: suitcases on wheels. They are good not only for vacations and are able to withstand a load of 20 kilograms, or even more. Transporting books on wheels is much easier. Another option is special book boxes. They can be bought at a hardware store, and they are smaller in size than ordinary boxes. Even filled to the top, they do not cause difficulties during transportation and save space in the van.

Screw Heads and Stationery Elastic Bands

It takes a minute to disassemble the cabinet. But you didn’t take into account the screws with the heads torn off. There is simply nothing to catch on there, and it will not work to unscrew the screw. In this case, it is good to have a tight elastic band on hand, like those used for cans. Attach it to the tip of the screwdriver, insert the screwdriver into the screw head and try to turn it again. It works great, doesn’t it?

Colored Glue Dots for Furniture

Since we are talking about disassembling cabinets: imagine this awkward moment when you are standing in a new apartment and do not know which board goes to which cabinet or shelf. Here’s a life hack to make your life easier: stock up on a set of colorful glue dots and make a list of furniture that needs to be disassembled. Then assign a color to each piece of furniture. Next, apply the appropriate glue point to all the parts. In a new home, it will be easy for you to sort out the details from different furniture. Also, pack the accessories (for example, screws) in separate plastic bags (preferably with a zip lock) and mark them with colored stickers. Mission accomplished!

Colored Dots for Cardboard Boxes

The trick with glue points can also be done with boxes. Just make a list and assign a color for each room. The stickers may be slightly larger and more noticeable. The question “And where to carry it?” is no longer relevant.

Photo of Cables for Memory

Not all of us are computer experts. For non-professionals, it is often impossible to understand which cable is connected to where. The easiest way that you can think of is to take a regular photo and use it as an instruction when connecting to a new location. In the world of smartphones, this is not a problem and will take a few seconds.

Reuse Those Amazon Boxes

Super life hack to save money: perhaps you still have ordinary boxes at home that used to serve for parcels or packaging other things. You can turn them into moving boxes in no time by equipping them with handles. Make three slits with a knife. Bend the fourth side of the rectangle inwards, that’s it!

Use Garbage Bags for Clothes—but be careful….

In fact, it’s not a good idea to use garbage bags for moving. There is too great a risk that they are accidentally disposed of. However, they are simply irreplaceable when it comes to transporting clothes. Everything that hangs on the hangers for clothes, send it in a plastic bag. Tie the hangers to the ties of the bag. In this way, you can quickly pack all your clothes without having to pack each shirt separately.

Towels and Socks Are Better Than Newspapers

Before packing clothes in garbage bags, remove fragile things from the road. Towels or sheets are perfect for protecting vases and other fragile items. Smaller items can be stuffed into (washed) socks. This will save you a lot of packaging material.

Fastening of Drawers—stretch Film Instead of Adhesive Tape

The movers carry the buffet up the stairs, it bends down and bang-one of the drawers falls out. Therefore, it is best to remove the boxes altogether. If this is not possible, they need to be fixed. Some people use scotch tape for this. Yes, it helps to secure things, but after that you will hardly like to remove sticky traces. There is a simple alternative-stretch film. It leaves no traces and is easily removed after moving.

Additional Round—scotch in the Microwave

For sealing boxes, scotch tape is still the best option. But if it is old, its adhesive properties are significantly reduced. Before you throw the tape in the trash, give it one last chance: put it in the microwave for a short time. After that, it will be in excellent condition again. Did it work?

Walnuts for Small Scratches

Oops, there were scratches on my grandmother’s vintage chest of drawers after moving. Apparently, the stairs were very narrow. If the scratches are not too deep, do not despair. Do you happen to have any walnuts? Lightly rub the scratched area with them. Walnuts contain a lot of fat. There will soon be no trace of the accident. You can also use olive oil. But do not overdo it, because after a while it will go rancid.

Removing Traces of Furniture on the Carpet

You are almost gone, but then the owner of the apartment calls out to you: “What about the marks on the carpet that were left by your chair?” In this case, you can confidently walk to the freezer and get a few ice cubes. Put them on the crushed areas of the carpet. When the ice melts, the pile can be lifted with a spoon. Cold meltwater will permeate the fibers and straighten them again. This does not even require any chemicals.

Down with the Search for the Essential Box

It has long been known that a box with basic necessities for the first few days is a very useful thing. But instead of an ordinary cardboard box, it makes sense to use a transparent plastic container. Thus, you can always find this box among others.

Smart Solutions for Small Problems

A thorough plan combined with these life hacks will ensure you a smooth move. As always, do not despair and do not panic, as soon as a small problem arises. Most problems can be easily solved if you think a little.

*Photos by Blue Bird