Liven Up Your Balcony: How To Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Posted December 29, 2019 by in Home
balcony with plants

There is nothing better than enjoying a cocktail on a balcony on a warm summer night. Unless your balcony is your apartment’s equivalent of a junk drawer. It’s hard to find peace when you have to move boxes and dead plants out of the way to sit down.

Yes, one of the reasons you live in the city is because you don’t want to do landscaping, but that doesn’t mean you can’t beautify that outdoor space you have.

You can do this easily on a budget, so don’t worry about how much it will cost. Without further ado, let’s go over some ways that you can liven up your balcony and actually enjoy it:

Stylish balcony

Stylish Privacy

There is a fine line between setting up some privacy and walling up your balcony to where it doesn’t resemble an outdoor space any longer. The use of slatted fence panels is a terrific way to keep prying eyes away from you while you enjoy your time outside. Slatted fence panels have different styles like weaves or frames so you can find just the right style for your taste.

Look for modular options so you can customize the fit to your balcony’s dimensions.

Add Some Plants

Greenery is the best way to feel like your balcony is a tranquil oasis. Adding plants to your outdoor space is essential.

If you’re limited on space then consider a planter wall. This keeps the plants off of the floor or even lower areas where they would take up space. Use a wood pallet turned into a planter to do it on the cheap and have a rustic, stylish way to display your plants.

Use a Canopy

Kill two birds with one stone by using a wispy canopy on your balcony. One the one hand it keeps the sunlight off of your space so it stays cool. Then, it adds an ethereal quality that creates a very exotic atmosphere.

The best part is it costs next to nothing to do this. Instead of spending money on a roll out awning, try this first and see how you like it.

Set Up a Hammock

You may never sleep in your bedroom again if you put a hammock on your balcony. Is there anything more cosy than slipping into a sweet nap after whiling away the hours reading in a hammock?

Having a hammock will guarantee that you get plenty of use of your outside space. It will be hard to resist coming out and dozing when the afternoon breezes start up in the late summer.

Get Lit

A balcony that is decorated to the nines and is as cozy as they come wouldn’t be right without some string lights to round out the atmosphere. Try for lights that offer up a soft glow to add some texture to the lighting.

Brash and bright light will take away from the atmosphere so something with soft red or orange is the way to go.Try some mini Chinese lanterns for another stylish way to light your balcony.

How did you decorate and re-vamp your balcony when you moved in? Let us know in the comments below!