Budget Decor: Living Room Tips & Trends for 2013

Posted January 24, 2013 by in Home

Great taste never goes out of style. It may be subjective, and trends may shift as fast as a pendulum, but great taste is adaptable no matter which trend-du-jour the wind blows in. Nothing screams style and intrigue like the living room. Your living room is the blood in the veins of your home and no corners should be cut! If your living room needs an update, use your unique great taste to capitalize on these poppy, enchanting furniture trends, and make yourself the talk of style town!

Never Be Afraid of Color

Gone are the days when suburbia was a drab factory line of white-on-white-on-beige. International, eye-popping chic is back with a vengeance. Let colors express who you are. Paint your wall bright orange or chartreuse, buy plum accent pillows to offset it.

If you’re very bold and adventurous, experiment with traditional wallpaper that features nature, color and eye-popping patterns. Retro is back in a big way. If you’re not quite ready to take that plunge and change entire walls, add some accent molding or wainscoting. Even bold picture frames and table-top dcor can make a huge difference. Bright colors show creativity, insight and daring. If you want your living room to have an energetic vibe, choose warm vibrant colors like reds, oranges and yellows. If you want your living room to be a relaxing sanctuary choose cool colors like deep blue, verdant green or soothing purple. Play with shades and tones until you find a blend that suits your family’s taste and style.

Furniture Additions

Furniture shouldn’t be so congruent that it gives a sterile vibe, nor should it be so loud that it drowns all people and accessories in the room. It’s important to incorporate accessory furniture in a way that draws the eye and helps focus attention where you want it to be.

If you want to be retro chic without breaking the bank, try finding a glass coffee table from a thrift store to accent and show off your favorite rug. Or you can buy footstools from visiondecor.com for charming color schemes. A glass coffee table coupled with an animal or floral print footstool makes for elegant-meets-trendy, and they don’t have to match perfectly.

 Complimenting furniture texture also makes for a delicious living room look. Play with leather, canvas, glass, wood and even faux fur to add stunning delight to the look of the room. Texture can be played with, but try and stick to similar color schemes if you’re going to play with wood with various textures.

Good Art Won’t Match Your Sofa

Art offers your guests a glimpse into your personality and definition of beauty. Whether you’ve spent your life saving for that Wassily Kandinsky painting, or couldn’t believe the luck you had finding the perfect garage sale frame, art is worth adorning your home with.

While no one can tell you what art is, and the sky is the limit when it comes to how outlandish, disturbing, or garish the art you choose is allowed to be. It’s, however, the cherry on the cake of the beautiful, most alive part of your home.

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