Living The Exciting Life of A Sports Punter!

Posted March 31, 2021 by in Career

Have you ever wondered whether the gamblers portrayed in movies are living the dream lifestyles from betting on a few games? Well, let’s see what the types of everyday gamblers that use sports gambling for their main income, or a bit of entertainment when out with friends. Right now, entertainment is hard to come by with all the restrictions in place. 

Most of us can still use online sports sites to make a wager or exercise the body at home. For some cool new gadgets to help your workout, check out some of these popular workout aids we have seen on the market. 

Movie Characters

If you have seen movies like the classic 1974 The Gambler with James Caan, where his character descends into addiction and a portrayal of a gambler that gets in too deep. Betting on everything and betting on everything. Well, not all gamblers are that deep, sure gambling is addictive and responsible gambling is the buzz phrase now, but the majority of gamblers are just casual gamblers looking to blow off some steam or back their favorite teams.

The whole spectrum from professional gamblers to thrill-seekers who just want to have a flutter on a winning touchdown or birdie-put, the industry has broad appeal to the masses. For example, horse racing has diehard gamblers who study the form, watch old races and get there early to inspect the horses in the paddock. 

There are those who back the horses with sizable amounts but only to mix with the rich socialites at big festivals like the Royal Ascot or Cheltenham Festival, and then there are the casual gamblers who may only lay a few dollars on a horse they like the name of. 

Betting as Entertainment is Spreading

There are now 25 states that offer sports betting whether in the physical casino or on website platforms. You can find a host of classic casino games like poker, blackjack and sports books on all the major professional sports leagues and even some college games. The only issue is finding which of the best bookies offers the best betting odds, sign up bonuses, betting markets, and so on. 

A good shortcut is to use comparison sites such as Odds Manager. Places like this compile all the latest odds, daily odds picks, welcome bonuses, and free bets offered by all leading UK bookmakers. Whether you want the greatest and latest football betting odds, tennis betting odds, or odds for any sport, you can find them quickly. 

Making an Income from Sports Gambling?

To make money from sports gambling is hard, because a lot of data needs to be crunched. Most people bet on a whim using gut feel and inevitably lose money on their emotions, trying to back the horse that has the same name as their late mum or their boyhood football team. The ones that can make money treat it more scientifically to place bets on the most likely outcomes or the outcomes that have value for the risk. 

For example, if there is a clear favorite for the US masters because he is 3 shots ahead of everyone else but his odds are now 1 to 20 well you would need to put down $2,000 to get $100 profit back from this bet. But he is only 3 shots ahead, as difficult as it may be, he may be caught, he is not 10 shots ahead. 

So, betting that much for such a small return may not be worthwhile. You would look for more value, perhaps the 2nd position player to finish second and his odds are better at 5 -1 but he is currently joint 2nd and has 3 more holes to play. Sports betting is fun even at a casual level, just as long as you limit yourself to what you can afford to lose because the winnings can be big.