Looking After Your Home Throughout the Year—3 Things You Must Do

Posted November 11, 2020 by in Home

To make sure that your home is somewhere pleasant to live, you must ensure that it is looked after all year long. Some actions will need to be considered and implemented now so that, come the warmer weather, you aren’t left needing urgent repairs.

Your home needs to be protected for both warm and cold climates, particularly in locations where you can have extreme temperatures at either end of the scale.

Planning for all checks throughout your home may seem time consuming, and a little expensive, however, by staying on top of them, you may be able to avoid surcharges due to not being able to wait for a standard appointment.

Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning unit really helps to make your home comfortable during warmer weather. Some units also provide warm air, meaning they may still be in use during the winter months. If not, it is important that they are still serviced and used every so often, just to ensure that they still work correctly.

Keeping the units clean is also important. Failure to do so could lead to them refusing to turn on or adjust temperature which could, in the summer, result in you needing emergency AC repair.

Of course, some repairs are unavoidable, and you can’t prevent them. However, by doing as much as you can to look after your system, you will help extend its life. 

Clean the Gutters

Before the winter weather is truly upon us, it is best to get your guttering cleaned out. Either you can do this yourself, or you can hire a professional company to undertake the work for you.

Cleaning the gutters is important as things like moss, fallen leaves, and even birds’ nests can block the pipes up, leading to water needing to travel elsewhere. This has been known to cause flooding and even damage to the foundations of the home, particularly when there is a lot of water, such as when a large amount of snow melts or there are several springtime periods of rain.

Paying a little to clean out your gutters now is far better than paying a lot to have your home repaired. 

Check Your Detectors

For you to genuinely feel comfortable and relaxed at home, you need to be safe. That is why you should be checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on a weekly basis, at the very minimum. Smoke alarms will help to alert you in case of fire, maximising the amount of time you have to leave your home. Carbon monoxide detectors can also save your life, by warning you of CO gas in the air.

Without this detector, you would be unlikely to notice its presence, as the gas itself is odourless. It is vital that this is kept up all year round to keep your home safe. 

Looking after your home and the services within it can help keep you protected as well as comfortable. Your home should be a place in which you can relax and, by maintaining it properly, this will become a possibility throughout the whole of the year.