Looks and Self-Esteem: The Simple Things To Realize

Posted June 15, 2021 by in Beauty

Sometimes we place unreasonable expectations on ourselves. When we are looking to improve how we look to others, and it’s not just about the exterior, but about focusing on what lies beneath. It’s essential to recognize there is a big difference between your physical appearance and self-esteem. However they are related, and it is important to remember that if you look different, or you want to change your look, it’s about how you feel about yourself.

With this in mind, what are the things we need to remember in the modern world about our looks and self-esteem? 

You Don’t Need the Constant Barrage of Information

The reality is that we are slaves to the algorithm. There is so much out there that tells us we need to change how we look, and that we are not enough as we are. But the reality is that for many people, there are people who have the money to change their looks, but for most of us, it’s out of our price range. We can learn to understand smartlipo laserlipo treatment results and prices, but if we don’t have the money for it and will spend a long time saving up, will it solve all our problems? After all, it could put us into debt.

The fact is that treatments are great for some people because they can afford it! But for the rest of us, we think we need to change how we look because our social media feed is constantly telling us we’re not enough. And this is not helpful. We can try to do a social media detox, but the answer lies in getting back to how we feel about ourselves.

Retraining Your Feelings About Yourself 

You could believe your feelings and your self-esteem go hand in hand, especially if there is one person in your life constantly making underhand comments or negative reactions. But the fact is that this says more about them than it does you! We live in a time where it’s so easy to give out negative comments and troll people online, the people giving out the comments have no idea how hurtful they are.

This is why we start to fixate on feelings of anger or distress. It also makes us apprehensive about ever going online or even venturing out into the open. So what can we do? The reality is about following these three key points:

  • Comparing yourself to others. When you make comparisons to other people, you are effectively raising the bar, and you think that someone is better. This means you never appreciate your own qualities. But everybody is different.
  • Thinking you will never be accepted. When we worry about how we look, we don’t think we are worthy. But the thing to remember is that a real relationship goes beyond this. Think about making yourself fulfilled. 
  • Not seeing your good points. You might find it difficult to recognize your good qualities. But the reality is that if you think having breast augmentation it’s going to solve all your woes, you’ve got to realize there is a lot more underneath the surface. It’s not about getting accepted by others, it’s about accepting yourself.

*Photos by Dids