Luxe Vacations On A Budget: 7 Rules To Live By

Posted May 4, 2018 by in Lifestyle

“I don’t love high-end vacations.” Said no one ever! Regardless of the current status of your bank account, taking a nice vacation could still be viable for you. Below are some essential rules that will allow you to vacation like a queen without breaking the bank.

Book Package Deals Last Minute

Luxury experiences Package deals are a popular way of taking a break.. After all, they include the benefits of being all organized for you including your flights, transfer to the resort, as well as your accommodation. This sort of vacation can take the hassle and stress out of going away.

However, they’re also notoriously expensive, in part because of the convenience that they provide. Although, you will be pleased to find out that it is possible to play the system and get a nice hassle-free break at a bargain price.

To do this, it’s important that you are willing to hold out for as long as possible. This is so crucial because by doing this you can swoop in at the last minute and snap up any rooms that have not been filled. The vacation provider will usually discount these heavily the closer it gets to the travel date because they don’t want to have an empty room or suite.

Consider Your Own Place

Another smart move when it comes to having a luxe vacation on a budget is to consider investing in an executive condo in an exotic location. Yes, the initial payout can be expensive, however, over time this can be a much cheaper way of vacationing regularly.

The reason that buying your own place can save you money is that you won’t have to pay for hotel fees and meals out while you are away.

You can also lease out your apartment when you are not there, something that can help you make the money for mortgage payments without it biting into your own personal budget.

Lastly, don’t forget either, that as you have bought your property not only will you be saving on the cost of your breaks, but you will also get to sell it off when you no longer want it, and this can make you a tidy profit as well.

Go as a Group

If you want the highest standard of vacation for the lowest price, why not pool your resources as a group? The pooling method can work incredibly well because a larger group of people makes it possible to snag one of those entire homes on Airbnb. 

Search for beautiful homes and apartments available in places like Rome, Tulum, and Miami. I recently stayed in a private apartment in Punta Cana. It was only $80/night! Way cheaper than a hotel (and the beach was only a 5 minute walk away). 

All-Inclusive Can Save You Money

While all-inclusive rates can seem expensive at first glance, they are usually an excellent value.

All you need to do to establish this is to work out how much a self-catering vacation would cost, with the price of alcoholic drinks, food and dining out added on. It is often the case that many people find themselves preferring this type of all-inclusive break because they know they don’t have to worry about money at all once they arrive.

Be Flexible

Another great tip for those looking for a luxe vacation that won’t break the bank is to be as flexible as possible. Traveling to a tropical island may seem more ideal when you’re going through winter, but traveling there during your summer season can save you money.

Being flexible with the travel destination could also save money. Kayak actually has a special feature for this. Just select your home airport and your travel dates; Kayak will then show you what flights cost in cities around the world for that time frame.

What rules do you live by when it comes to booking vacations? Let us know in the comments below!