Luxurious Home Decor on a Budget? Here’s How!

Posted August 11, 2020 by in Decor

Your uncle doesn’t own an oil well in the UAE? Fine, you can still live your lavish dream. If you are like most people, you dreamt of owning a big home with fancy décor and furnishing. You dreamt of comfort and luxury. But as life unfolds slowly, your dream seems to slip further and further away.

It takes years of savings to buy an average home, and rent costs in the best parts of town are insanely high. What do you do now? Use these interior decorations to turn your current home into your dream home:

Import the Outdoors

Indoor plants will add a natural and refreshing appeal to your interiors. They can further accentuate your décor’s color and texture. Bring in potted plants in eccentric pot colors and designs. 

You might not afford to live in a leafy suburb at the moment, but with indoor plants, you will scarcely miss anything of that good life. 

Consider playing around with plant hangers and designated green corners in your living room.

bedroom decor with plants

Glisten up the Windows With a Lighter Treatment 

Living in a concrete-jungled area of the city can forcibly separate you from the sun and natural light. The result is that your rooms could look cramped and dingy. 

You can change that by switching to transparent window treatments. They elevate your décor and let in more light that makes your space relaxed and with an appealing outdoorsy vibe. To pumper you more, a wall-mounted light can bring additional accent and style to your room. To do it, you can check out Steel Lighting Co to see various designs and the latest trends that would fit your interest.

Switch to Better Lighting 

Ordinary bulbs kill the vibes. Too much glare, you cannot watch TV or set the mood for relaxation or nightly romance. Why not do an overhaul of the light bulbs in your home?

Lottoland confirms that with the right approach to lighting, you can make your place look expensive without winning the lottery. Consider scouring eBay or the flea market for pallet chandeliers, musical chandeliers, and wood bead chandeliers, among other styles.

Consider investing in one or two smart LED bulbs—with color changing and intensity control abilities—which you can often get for below $30 these days. 

Dazzle up the Kitchen With Shiny Splashbacks

Who said you couldn’t have the kitchen of your dreams just because you are broke? If your condo has a kitchen with tiles for backsplashes, remove those and install new reflective ones.

Mirror backsplashes blend in well with modern glam décor and are a step in the right direction towards the luxurious living space you envision.

boho style kitchen decor

The Right Mirrors Could Do the Trick

Want to liven up your dull space? Invest in big décor mirrors. Mirrors dramatically make a small home look bigger, and they increase natural light in any living space. 

Consider installing mirrors in front of wall art pieces, flower vases, or photographs. That will make your space fun to live in and elevate its beauty without costing you a fortune. 

baroque mirror

Tint Your Bedroom Windows

Ditch the curtains altogether and go for tinted bedroom windows. Tinted windows are much sleeker, and they are a chance to let in the light while keeping things private. 

No one can see you form the outside, but at night, all the beautiful soft lights of the city flow into your room. This idea is especially suitable for a penthouse that gives you access to stunning sweeping views.

Art and Wealth Go Together, Join the Team

If you envision turning your home into a place of luxury, then go big on art. Find an oversized painting or photograph that you can use to liven up one section of your home. 

The bigger, the better. Alternatively consider wallpaper that offers an escape from your room into fantasy place by the beach or wilderness, 

When laying your art pieces or wallpapers, consider the direction of light and how it impacts reflection. Lighter art pieces will reflect more light and make your home look bigger. Darker art pieces will absorb light and make your home look smaller. 

wall art inspiration

These ideas bring out the creativeness and personalization of your space. They can help you make a statement and transform your home into a wonderful place to live.