Luxury Concealers for the Mature Mom

Posted July 28, 2021 by in Beauty

As a mature mom, sometimes you feel like you need to learn how to apply makeup all over again. It’s like revisiting all the parts of your teenage years you wanted to forget. Suddenly your makeup is caking or flaking in places you don’t expect, and you aren’t sure why.

It’s absolutely nothing to feel embarrassed about and is a natural part of the aging process. Often as we age, skin becomes drier than it used to be. We lose collagen, which creates fine lines and wrinkles.

Ironically, fine lines and wrinkles are a major reason the modern mature mom chooses to wear makeup. After all, you’re only as old as you feel, and reducing the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles with a nice face of makeup make you feel about 10 years younger sometimes.

Specifically, when it comes to helping your skin look younger and create a good base for your makeup, investing in a luxury concealer can be well worth it. There are tricks you can use to get that $2 eyeshadow to look great, but there’s really no replacing a quality concealer:

Why You Should Choose a Luxury Brand

It’s common to hear people talking about how so many products–makeup included– are often priced higher simply because a brand is well known or has developed a reputation for expensive or high quality products. 

Sometimes, that is absolutely the case. The decision on whether or not to purchase luxury over bargain should be based on two things: personal experience and product type. 

You may have a go-to lipstick that is less than $10 and you know you’ll choose it every time because it just works for you and your complexion.

Some types of products are not great candidates for a bargain dupe, simply because of what they are. A great example of this is concealer.

A luxury concealer is going to have less filler ingredients. It’s generally going to provide a higher quality, more consistent coverage. It’s also more likely that a luxury brand has invested more in making sure their pigment blends are high quality and won’t look drastically different from bottle to skin.

Of all the items in your makeup routine, your concealer should be the one thing where you choose to invest in a luxury brand. It will create a smoother, more even base that will both make your skin look younger and help your eyeshadows and blushers look their best.

What a Mature Mom Should Look for in a Luxury Concealer

Ok, so you’ve decided to purchase a luxury concealer and up your makeup game. Now what? How do you know whether you’re making a good decision? The main factors you’ll want to consider are ingredients, the number of shades available, and texture.


Take a look at the ingredients list on the concealer you’re considering. First off you’ll want to make sure it isn’t full of fillers(learn more about what fillers are here).While it’s common to see some lubricating ingredients and silicones in makeup, you don’t want a product that is overly saturated with these ingredients. 

A concealer with too many filler ingredients can have an overly thick texture that actually settles into any fine lines or wrinkles and emphasizes them rather than helping to smooth and soften.

Number of Shades

In order to help your makeup look more natural,you need the right shade. Sometimes eye-catching makeup looks can be fun, but the mature mom often prefers a neutral look that simply helps them look bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Contouring is great for this, and a great trick is to use concealer to contour(if you haven’t heard of this beauty hack you can read more here). 

Regardless of whether you’re using one shade of concealer or three, a collection of shades in your skin tone range will help you get the best match.


Last but certainly not least, you should be looking at the texture. This is where shopping online isn’t very helpful and you may want to try a few testers before making a full size purchase. For concealer, the mature mom really wants the perfect texture: not too watery or sheer, and not too thick or cakey.

Makeup that is full coverage while remaining easily blendable is the secret to skin that looks young, supple, and bright.

*Photos by Anna Shvets