Madden 21 Coin Making Tutorial—5 Ways To Help You Get MUT 21 Coins In Madden 21

Posted February 3, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Before we get into the coin making methods, we’re going to first talk about the MUT 21 Coins market, because the market is going to be taking a very big downfall after series 4 comes out, which should be interesting. Whenever a new series comes out, it means all the cards on the auction house go down in price a lot. So anything between 90 overall to 95 overall is going to have a huge decrease. The 96’s will probably go down as well, but the main cards you want to focus on are three filters: 90-91, 92-93,94-95.

If you have cards in these three filters that you’re holding on to and you don’t plan on using them, you should sell them right now, because after series 4 comes out, they’re going to go down in price. But these are still very valuable cards, and if the price already has been going down, you might as well save them.

#1 Packs

The next thing we want to talk about is more of a risk, but it has worked out for a lot of people in the past, and it’s something that we do promote every now and then. The only time we promote packs is with the All-Pro packs. Normally, two out of ten packs will have something that gets you a lot of profit while looking for the platinum cards, and if get one card over an 87 or 88, you’re making Madden 21 Coins.

If you’re looking to buy packs of coins the all pros are the ones for you and do not buy any of the other packs or coins—it’s just way too risky.

#2 Challenges – Legends

Another thing we want to talk about is the legends—definitely make sure you’re doing them as they’re super easy and it’s like they’re giving you free coins. So why not? However, if you don’t like playing the CPU, that’s also fine. It definitely can be boring, and that’s why a lot of people don’t do these challenges. But if you’re fine with playing the CPU, these are great challenges for you, because you can sell the power-ups which you’ll receive after each challenge you complete. You can then sell the power-ups on the auction house, which sometimes goes for a lot, so we recommend you do it.

#3 Challenges – Rivalz 2

Make sure you finish your Rivalz 2 because there’s a new rival set coming out after series four. There’s probably going be two or three of them coming out in series four, but it’s still uncertain at this point because they missed one last series, so we’ll see about that. But these are easy coins—stay caught up with them and you will get a golden ticket at the end of the year if you do all the challenges. 

#4 Challenges – The Playoff Celebration

If you want a free 95 overall card on your team, this is not a bad option for you to play. All you have to do is get 60 stars!

#5 Challenges – The Weekly Challenges

Also to save yourself some coins, finish the weekly challenges out of the 50 weekly, because you get a free 96 overall card that you can pick yourself.

Those are all the tricks and tips on how to get easy MUT 21 Coins in Madden 21. Click HERE to see more detailed information on the tutorial.