Make Bank: How to Emulate Successful eBay Sellers

Posted May 23, 2016 by in Career

Practicing proper seller etiquette on major shopping platforms like eBay is integral to future success. Before you can sell a high volume of goods and earn six-figures from the comfort of your home, you’ll have to pick up a few habits and skills along the way that every successful eBay seller acknowledges and does on a daily basis. To earn a decent profit on sites like Etsy and eBay, you need to have the right approach. The amount of potential profit or fees you can earn there can be calculated using Etsy fees calculator. Below is a guideline to help you get started: 

Be Transparent

Having a deceiving approach to marketing and selling your products can land you some bad customer reviews and may even discredit you as an eBay seller. Be honest about what you are selling. If the product has imperfections, which most do, then indicate that in the description or show it through photos. Apart from this, this ebay advanced listing tool would be a great consideration to maximize your sales.

Take Great Quality Photos

Although the first tip was about transparency and being honest, don’t take it the wrong way and post photos of the product alongside the chaotic interior of your household or perhaps your pets and children. Unless a personal possession or the background is included in the sale of the product, don’t include it. When selling clothing, it’s natural to have someone model it for you in a photo, but be sure to crop out the head.

Write a Detailed Description

Unlike running your own eCommerce platform, selling on eBay means you only really have control of the product listing itself. Thus, this should be your focal point when creating content. A detailed product description helps a customer make the most informed decision possible. And while it might seem a small deal to you, they actually appreciate small things like an accurate, unbiased, and complete description. Include accurate product measurements, shipping and handling fees, content and care info, and a lot of clear photos.

Pack it Well

You don’t want to be wasting product and losing trust of your customers because of poorly packaged goods. If you are selling China or something fragile, make sure it’s well-packaged in protective material, such as bubble wrap. If it gets broken as it’s being sent to the customer, you are responsible for reimbursing the customer.

Get Insurance

Every business should have insurance, even online retailers. Successful eBay sellers mitigate their risk by getting insurance coverage. Public liability coverage comes as a standard feature in retailer insurance. Whether you’re selling natural food products that can expire fairly quick or electronics that are sensitive to light and temperatures, having shop insurance gives you peace of mind and financial protection.

Selling in eBay can bring you a nice income on the side or even as full-time work for those who have an active small business either at home or in a remote office. Use the five tips above to establish a good seller reputation, build a loyal customer base, and, ultimately, maximize profits.

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