Make Getting Dressed Easy with Matching Sets

Posted February 3, 2021 by in Fashion

Last year, honestly, a lot of us didn’t always worry about what to wear every day. When you’re working from home for months, you may lounge around in sweats and throw a top on for virtual meetings, only to change out of it as soon as you can, trading it for your favorite t-shirt. But after a while, sometimes you can actually get bored of sweats and tees and slippers. Sounds wild, but it is true.

Getting dressed more nicely doesn’t mean you have to go back to spending a long time agonizing over what top to match with what jacket and pants. You can look good while still conserving energy and saving time. Do you want to know how? With one of these cute, classy, already put together matching sets.

Why a Matching Set is the Answer to Your Dressing Worries

We all want to look cute, but picking out an outfit for the next day or next event can be exhausting, frustrating, and energetically taxing. You have to not only consider the weather but then try to pick a top and bottoms that can look good together. You have a lot of follow-up concerns when outfit planning; colors that work well together, fits that complement each other, and what you’re going to be comfortable in.

A matching set fixes almost all of these problems for you. It offers you a full, entire outfit that has been designed to look good as a unit. No need to worry about color-coordination, either; that problem is also covered by this ingenious fit. All you need to do is pick one out that suits the weather and activity, throw it on, pair it with the proper shoes and you’re good to go.

A Few Options

Alright, so now that you’re a matching set convert, what sets are right for you? Here are a couple of styles of matching sets that will fit your day, no matter where it takes you.

Crop Top and Midi Skirt

Try a matching set that comes with a cute, crocheted, button-down crop top with a matching midi skirt. These two pieces together make for an easy and breezy little number that is perfect for an afternoon out with friends (that you have no interest in spending hours getting dressed for). 

This look appears put together, while simple, comfortable, and flowy fabric, while still having a body-hugging element, makes it flattering on any and all body types. Pair with sandals for an outfit you can wear on a walk through your local park or a nice picnic.

Flowy Top and Shorts

If you’re planning on having more of an active day, or just want to make sure you’ll be covered no matter what you happen to do, a matching set that includes a top and shorts is your go-to outfit.

Sometimes, a skirt just isn’t in the cards for you. Maybe it’s a windy day. Maybe you just never know when you’re going to have to race someone (hey, it happens). Or you just feel more comfortable in shorts. Whichever is the case for you, a flowy top and matching shorts make you look fun, cute, and free.

Sweater and Skirt

For chillier days when you still want to look classy but playful, a matching sweater and skirt set can really make you pop. In any and all colors, there’s a sweater and skirt set for every body type. It’s comfy enough to feel like you’re wrapped up in a nice knit blanket while looking classy enough to wear anywhere. For colder weather, add some fleece-lined tights under the skirt and a nice teddy coat over the look.