Make the Most of Your Existing Clothes and Treat Yourself During Pregnancy

Posted January 14, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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Even prior to getting pregnant, many women are self-conscious about how they look or about their weight. Some won’t have given it a second thought, until they fall pregnant and then a completely different set of feelings, thoughts and emotions are flying around that might include a feeling of not looking attractive. Hopefully you won’t have any of those concerns but, if you do then remember, it’s a mindset thing and there are things you can do to improve how you feel:


The main thing, for you and your baby is to be aware of your feelings and emotions and to understand why you feel the way you do. It can be hard to do because, sometimes you won’t know you are in ‘feelings’ or ‘emotions’ until your mindset changes and reflection kicks in. To be fair though, being aware of that in itself is massive and gives you a head start over many other pregnant or soon to be ladies.

There are different viewpoints surrounding this subject but, it seems safe to say that you can’t really help which thoughts enter your mind or how you feel about them, what you can do is to be aware of the things you can do which is to control the way you react. Most people have little control over anything other than their own actions so, remember no matter how you feel, you can always put in some action of some kind, even something like buying a new pair of pregnancy leggings can help shift the mindset and make you feel better.

You Are Going to Be Tired of Being Tired

Most pregnant women say that their energy levels change dramatically, mainly because there is another person growing inside of them which affects everything, the mind, the body and, don’t forget that your baby is essentially living off of you. It’s going to be a tiring process as your ‘mini me’ takes all of the nutrients and energy it needs from you.

You are going to be tired, more so than usual, so you must listen to your body. If you’re tired then take a nap or relax with some nice scented oils, it will do you and your baby a world of good. Make sure that your family or work colleagues understand how you feel and make sure you tell them if you need some help. 

Clothes Will Need Some Serious Consideration

The most important thing is, comfort, you are likely to feel unusual and perhaps cranky anyway so you don’t need any excuse to be, even more so. Clothing is one area that needs to be approached with a realistic, practical mind set, fashion might have to take a back seat although, based on some of the maternity clothes available, you should be spoilt for choice.

You don’t have to spend the earth either to get clothes that will make you feel superb, in fact you might even be able to make a few dollars here and there. If, like many, you have more clothes than you need or clothes that you’ve bought for work and never actually wore them then go through your wardrobe and be ruthless. Sell your unwanted clothes, on social media or other platforms that allow you to promote second hand goods. After you sell the clothes that no longer fit, you’ll be able to use that money to find a maternity dress or maternity jeans. 

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