Make Your Home A Modern Masterpiece

Posted May 4, 2018 by in Home

If you’re thinking about changing, renovating, or redesigning your home, you might want to look towards the future. Adding futuristic ideas to your property is a great way to ensure that it is both highly valuable and stylish. This is what the modern buyer is searching for on the market today. They want a home that provides easy living options, a lot of space and flexibility. There are various design possibilities that you can consider when you style your home. Some of these ideas add a new aesthetic to your property while others will just improve the experience you have living in that home. Let’s look at some of these awesome possibilities.

Smart Lighting

You should install smart lighting in most of the rooms in your home if not all of them. In the past, it was somewhat understandable to avoid smart lighting. It was expensive to install, difficult to find, and even the basic tech would cost a fortune. As well as this, getting any smart tech in your home required a complete rewiring of your property. But that’s not the case anymore.

Thanks to smart home control tools like Google Home and Amazon Echo, it’s easy to control these devices with the sound of your voice as well as a whole range of others. On top of that, you don’t even need to manually change your lighting in the home. Instead, all you need to do is buy some smart bulbs. Smart bulbs can be installed like typical light bulbs and immediately connect to whichever control device you are using. It does take a little time to set up, but it’s still a fairly basic option compared to the original systems that used to be available.

The other benefit of smart lighting is that it can quickly be adjusted for different colours. In other words, you can opt for purple lighting in one room, and this will almost immediately change the ambience of this area of your property.


Minimalism is a modern design idea and a great way to show off space in your home. The home design seems to switch between a cluttered style and one where the full space of a room is part of the display. To do this, you simply need to control how much furniture and accessories that you use in each room. You also want to reduce the number of items that intrude upon the room. Wall art is a fantastic example of this. Hang pictures and art on your wall, and it could look delightful. However, it will also take some of the space and attention in the room. Instead, you might want to think about using wall decals. These take up less space but are just as attractive and stop your room from looking bare.

When people think about adopting a minimalistic design, they often focus on one area of the room. But actually, every aspect of your design can be minimalistic. Take the lighting for instance. A great example of minimalistic lighting would be sunken in spotlights. Again, these don’t take up that much space in the room at all, yet still look absolutely magnificent. Combined with LEDs, they will provide a modern aesthetic for this area in your home. They can be used anywhere but are particularly popular in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Fabulous Flooring

You also want to make sure that you think about the flooring in your home. If you still have carpet, it’s time to upgrade and update your home. Carpet just isn’t a suitable option for the modern buyer anymore. They want something that looks more modern and more importantly is easy to maintain. If you have the money, you might think about something like hardwood floors. Hardwood floors, while expensive, will make your property look absolutely fantastic. However, if you want to save some money, you can also think about opting for something a little lower on the budget scale. Laminate flooring would be a great choice here. It’s cheap, easy to lay down because it fits together like a jigsaw and it’s low maintenance.

A good wipe every now and then will be enough to keep the floor clean and looking like new. The only issue is scratching, but you can avoid this quite simply by adopting a strict always wear slippers rule in the home. This will also help you avoid any nasty slips or falls.

More Smart Tech

Of course, a basic form of smart control isn’t the only type of smart technology that you can include in your new modern home design. House Method has some other great ideas. We love this site, and a recent article that caught our eye was about the new Wall++. The new smart wall can respond to an individual’s touch, monitor changes in the room and basically add an extra layer of easy living to your home. It will also fit in beautifully with the minimalistic design and isn’t as expensive as you would think to install.

This is just the tip of the smart tech iceberg that you should think about exploring for your new home design. Everything from a smart bed to clever kitchen appliances could be fantastic new additions in your home. You can look at a few examples on this insta:

What About Color?

If you want your home to be modern, you should control your usage of color around the property as well. You will notice that modern homes aren’t a rainbow of different shades. Instead, the design focuses on a couple and builds the room design around these. By doing this, it’s easy to make sure that the styles in your room match and feel like one complete design rather than something that is more eclectic and this is quite a modern idea.

We hope you find this advice useful when restyling your own home in a way that is far more modern and magnificent. There are plenty of other ideas and option to consider as well so make sure that you do research some of the unique alternate possibilities on the market today.

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