Making Your Garden Wildlife Friendly

Posted October 24, 2022 by in Lifestyle

The garden is a great place to learn about plants, grow your favourite fruits and vegetables, and try new things. But it is also a great place for animals to live. When you invite these animals into your garden, you help them grow and make their natural habitat more diverse. This can be done in many ways. 

Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

Think About The Size Of Your Garden 

How many animals you can get in your garden will depend a lot on how big it is. If you want to get a lot of animals, you’ll need to make your garden bigger. This means you’ll have to think about what kinds of plants and flowers you can grow and how tall they should be. If you find that some wildlife is a problem for the size of your garden, get in touch with SWAT Wildlife

Add Fowers

 Flowers attract lots of different animals, like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. If you want to see these kinds of animals in your garden, plant a lot of flowers. Consider how long the flowers will stay in bloom. You might want to plant annuals that bloom quickly so you can enjoy them for a short time instead of perennials that last longer but don’t have as much colour or scent. Think about what kind of bugs you want to see and plan accordingly.

Add Bushes And Shrubs 

Adding trees and bushes and bushes to your garden is an excellent way to make it more attractive to wildlife. These plants protect animals from predators and give them a place to hide when they are most vulnerable during the day. Many animals eat these plants or feed in some way on them, so they also provide food.

Add A Bee Hotel 

Bees are very important to the environment because they help plants reproduce. Bee hotels are a great way to get bees and other insects that pollinate to come to your yard. Little Peckers has ready-made bee hotels and a lot of other places for animals to live and food for them, which can help you get more animals into your garden.

Add A Hedgehog House 

Hedgehogs are having a hard time, especially since more people want to build new homes. The best way to help them is to give them a hedgehog house, which is a safe place for them to sleep during the day. You can also plant hedges, bushes, and shrubs around your garden to give birds lots of places to hide and nest.

Add Bird Boxes 

Making sure there are bird boxes is one of the best ways to attract birds. These small structures were made by people so that birds can lay their eggs and raise their young in safety. They will be drawn to these boxes because they offer protection from predators, the weather, and high winds. You can buy many different kinds of bird boxes, but the first thing you should do is measure the diameter of the tree branches or posts where you want to put the boxes so you can get the right size. You can enjoy watching beautiful birds in your garden all year long, but make sure to give them more food in the winter to help them survive.