Making Your Student Loan Last: Tips for the Broke AF College Student

Posted March 18, 2020 by in Lifestyle
College student going up stairs

Life as a student can be expensive. Juggling your money between clothes, nights out, rent, and getting to and from your classes can be hard. For those who have been there, we know that there is nothing worse than running out of money as a student.

Luckily for you, we have created this article full of tips and tricks on how to make your student loan last. From teaching online to proofreading people’s work (find out more by clicking the link), there are lots of things you can do to earn a little bit extra or save money.

Here are some ideas:

Making your student loan last

Plan Your Spending

Before you leave home, try and create a list of your current expenses. Work out how much you spend every week on going out, drinking, clothes, etc. It will be a lot easier to see what you can, and can’t save money on when you have written out your expenses accurately.

Eat Smart

Learn how to cook some tasty, high-quality meals. Most students start with the knowledge of how to cook Easy Mac and Top Ramen, and that’s about it. However learning to cook can and will save you tons of money not only through college, but through life. But how you ask? If you are already prepared with the knowledge to cook decent meals that taste incredible, you will be less likely to order take out or to eat out.

 When shopping for ingredients, make sure you buy smart. Stocking up on staple items like dry pasta, canned food, and freezer food will allow you to always have an option for home-cooked food.

For eating out, track how much you spend on food and eating out every week, that way you can allocate a budget to try and stick to. This will prevent overspending.

Student Discounts!

There are too many retailers to count who offers discounts if you are a student. Some of these can be pretty hefty also. Spotify, for example, provides half-price membership for students. Lots of food places offer extra free food to students too, and most clothes outlets offer a good discount if you have a student card.

Right off the top of my head, I know that both Madewell and Goodwill (only on Tuesday) offer student discounts just by showing your valid ID.

Get a Job

I know this is the obvious one. Most students will have to find a part-time job at some point during their studies. A part-time job is a great way to earn a little extra cash and make new friends.

It also may help you stop partying as much, as you might have to be at work the next day. Let’s get real, partying (while fun) is very expensive. So don’t feel obligated to attend every single thing you’re invited to. Also, the less you drink, the healthier you will be

Get a Good Student Bank Account

Be careful of the bank accounts that offer lots of freebies. Although getting a new Xbox just for joining may sound like an excellent deal, in reality, over the long run, you will probably lose out to the banks’ awful rates.

Being a student is particularly tricky. You need to spend as little as you can, study for long hours, eat on the cheap, and work a part-time job. It is one of the most liberating times of our young lives; however, and learning how to handle everything is a great way to prepare for a normal life.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have some good tips and tricks up your sleeve. Want more college advice? Read more: