Master the English Language with Lessons from a Native Speaker

Posted June 23, 2022 by in Lifestyle
Native English Speakers Help Students Build Confidence and Skill

Whether you’re learning English for work, school, or just for fun, no English study is complete without a native English-speaking teacher to guide you. Native English speakers—be they American, British, Australian, or otherwise—can impart important cultural nuance and context into otherwise dry and rote lessons. English is broadly considered an “international language,” meaning that it has worldwide applicability. Learning English with online tutors gives learners a leg up in an increasingly competitive and global job market. 

English is a Germanic language, and a notoriously difficult one to pick up later in life. The pitfalls of the English language are many, and it is commonly thought to be the “Frankenstein’s monster” of language, as it incorporates rules, words, and grammar from an eclectic mix of influential Germanic, Latinate, and Romance languages. 

Why is English Mastery Important? 

Because English is so widely spoken, English fluency can help learners secure jobs at multinational companies at home or abroad. Not only is English still widely considered “the language of business’” but it is said to be the language of science, diplomacy, tourism, and the internet! 

English is commonly used to “bridge the gap” between two people with different native languages. All kinds of doors open up to fluent English speakers, and you can readily find a willing teacher on sites like

However, few other languages are quite as idiosyncratic and unpredictable as English. “Plow” and “bough” rhyme. “Horse” and “worse” are spelled quite similarly, but they don’t rhyme. What about the differences between “then” and “than”? Or “compliment” and “complement?” As you can see, learning is simply easier with a native English speaker as your guide.

What Difference Does a Native English Teacher Really Make? 

While non-native English speakers may have a flawless grasp on vocabulary and grammar, if they haven’t lived extensively in predominantly English-speaking areas, they may lack a certain finesse and understanding of the minutiae of the language. Having a native English teacher as a guide can mean the difference between sounding like a textbook and sounding like a person!

Native English teachers are an important part of any dedicated English student’s process. Why? Well, people who grew up speaking English as their first (or one of their first) languages have a fundamentally different relationship to the language (and cultures) associated with it. The relationship is longer-running, deeper, and far more nuanced. Native English speakers more readily grasp the intricacies of slang, turns of speech, as well as the connotations and denotations that determine proper word choice in various situations. 

How Many People Speak English Globally?

According to Statista, nearly 1.5 billion people speak English out of a global population of 7.8 billion. Unlike many other languages, the majority of English speakers are not native speakers; they picked up English as a foreign language somewhere along the way. In fact, only about 370 million people speak English as a first language!

Why Choose Online Tutoring? 

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning has been the default for many children across the globe. Because of this, the technology has been optimized, and there now exists many learning tools that teachers can use to supplement online classes. 

So what makes private, online tutoring stand out from all the other options? Well, for one, private tutoring sessions facilitate one-on-one learning. This means no more competing with other students for the teacher’s time and attention, and the speed and intensity of the course can be tuned to best accommodate you, and no one else. 

Private, online English tutors are available with prices as low as $10 per session on websites like Eurekly, which hosts tutors from around the world. 

No longer simply the domain of the wealthy and privileged, private tutoring is now more accessible and affordable than ever! It has all the perks of face-to-face learning, with all the convenience and cutting edge learning technology available online. Yes—you could go to the local college and enroll in an English class there, but would it be as affordable as a private online tutor? Probably not! Plus, you’ll have to deal with classmates, a potentially incompatible learning pace or style, not to mention the commute! Who wants to deal with that?

Where Can I Find a Quality Online English Tutor?

Eurekly is one of the best places to find a private, online English tutor. It’s easy to search for your preferred subject, and to filter your prospective tutors based on location, background, price, and availability. With hundreds of tutors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for you. Plus, many tutors offer free trial lessons, just so you can ensure that you two click. 

Once you find a tutor  you can continue to schedule tutoring sessions based on your schedule, with zero commitment required. Plus,  Eurekly rigorously vets its tutors to ensure that prospective students are picking from the cream of the crop! Why wait? Get started on your journey to English language mastery today.

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