How to Look Chic at the Office When You’re Sporting a Baby Bump

Posted December 22, 2014 by in Career

So you’ve been pregnant for six months, you’re carrying an extra 20 pounds, and you’re dealing with a growing belly.  At the same time, your office commitments require you to look professional every day. The problem? With a bump this big, it’s even difficult to put on shoes and shave your legs, let alone look good all day at the office. While some work environments adopt a lenient culture and allow women to dress down during maternity, many still expect them to dress well and impress at the office. To make things easier on your part, here’s how to dress for success during your pregnancy:

How to Look Ultra Chic at the Office When You're Sporting a Baby Bump

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Choose the Right Shoes

While a good pair of heels can impress co-workers at the office, you may not be able to fit into your beautiful red pumps when you’re six months pregnant. If you try, your feet may start aching just walking to the restroom, so it may be wise to break out the flats.

If you do decide to opt for heels, make sure you go with the ones that are low and provide enough room for your feet to grow.

Wear a Suit

Suits can be flattering on any body type, including the one that grows a belly as weeks go by. When it comes to choosing a design, neutrals take the lead. Options such as a black wool suit would look good with a gray shit and matching jacket; the combination makes you look professional and polished. Also, suits play a vital role during winters, when it comes to making sure you have something that can keep you warm.

 Pants and Tights

Simple black pants may be your best friend when it comes to fashion. Search for a pair that features a comfy middle and a good cut, and buy two so you’ll have one as backup while the other is at the cleaners. You’ll look sharp and fashionable whenever you pair the pants with a blazer, a crisp ironed blouse, and even a turtle neck sweater. Complement them with low heeled shoes, or go for a casual look with sandals or flats.

There is also the option of compression tights to wear during your pregnancy. These are fashionable and because they offer compression, they prevent swelling of tired legs and feet and increase circulation, which delivers a controlled amount of pressure from the ankle up. The modern offerings come with fashionable design for everyday office wear and their smooth seams avoid digging into your bump or showing under clothing.


Nothing transforms an ordinary outfit into a fabulous outfit better than a brooch, necklace, and some earrings. Select some accessories that work well with different outfits so they can be circulated through your office wardrobe.

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