Mattress Size Guide: Everything You Need To Know

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You must consider many things when you are shopping for a mattress—the feel, comfort level, firmness, budget, and more. However, a critical decision that a buyer must take is about the mattress dimension that you want. Finding the right size is essential to have an adequate area to sleep, be alone, or with your partner or kids. They come in numerous sizes, and a  bed size chart and dimension guide can be your help.

In this article, we shall detail and discuss the bed sizes and mattress sizes, set up a comparison, and how to find an ideal fit for yourself. Keep reading to find the right mattress for you:

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Mattress Sizes

Mattress may come in a few unique sizes, but here we shall talk about the seven standard sizes.  

  •     Twin: 38” x 75”
  •     Twin XL: 38” x 80”
  •     Full: 54” x 74”
  •     Queen: 60” x 80”
  •     King: 76” x 80”
  •     California King: 72” x 84”

When you are shopping online, you may come across mattresses with minute variations in inches or two; otherwise, the sizes are pretty constant globally. 

Which Mattress Size is Best for Me?

To find the right mattress for you, first list your requirements, like how many occupants to sleep on it, how much space needs to roll around, the material composition, and some more crucial features along with the period of trial and delivery service. Check here if you want to know more:

Twin Size Mattress

With 39” x 74” in measurement, this is the smallest of the lot. They are great for kids or adults with small stature or who have a small bedroom. A twin mattress is not recommended for couples.  

Twin XL Mattress

They measure about 39” x 80” and are ideal for tall children or adults with a less wide bedroom. They are popularly found in college dorms and hostels.

Double-Size Mattress

Why buy a full-sized mattress? Measuring about 54” x 74”, a full-size mattress is wider than twin mattresses and are ideal for couples smaller in stature or single people who want spacious beds to stretch and roll. 

Queen Size Mattress

They measure 60″ x 80” and are both longer and broader than the former. It can be great for a single person who needs extra space and perfect for couples.

King Size Mattress

With a size of 76″ x 80”, they are the luxury you want in your bedroom. Couples who needs more space, must go for this.

California King Size Mattress

They are 4″ longer but 4″ narrower than a king-sized mattress. So, if you want a bed for tall people, you should go for the California king mattresses.

A Comparison Between Mattress Sizes

Choosing between the mattresses, at times, can be overwhelming. You may wonder if you must buy a full mattress or go for a queen mattress? If you are purchasing a king mattress, then why not a California king mattress? There will be doubts and queries. So, we have a detailed comparison between the mattresses, making it easy for you to shop.

Just a chart of bed or mattress size won’t suffice it, and you may want to make the proper comparison before investing. So, here we go.

    Twin-sized vs. Twin XL mattress: A Twin-sized bed is smaller in size than a Twin XL and they are best suited for small kids. For teenagers, taller kids, and adults of small stature, you must go for a Twin XL mattress.

    Twin XL mattress vs. Full-size mattress: Between the two beds, twin XL is best suited in small bedrooms and is enough for people with lesser height. In contrast, a full-size mattress is ideal for regular-heightened adults and couples of lesser heights. Keep an eye on brands offering full-size mattresses on sale so that you make an excellent purchase. Brands you can check is Lull Mattress. You must be thinking where can I test a Lull Mattress? Why it is so a popular brand? It is popular due to many reasons. For eg. It is great for a full-size premium memory foam mattress.

    Full vs. Queen – As already said, a full mattress is for regular heightened adults who love to sleep with little space. But for tall people and couples who want to sleep with space to roll and stretch as you sleep, you must get a queen-sized mattress for a comfortable sleep.

    Queen vs. King sized mattress– Between these two mattresses, a queen will best suit smaller couples, individuals, and people who have a small bedroom. For taller couples, a king-sized will be a good selection. And, if you have a spacious bedroom, you can buy a king-size bed for a luxurious sleep.  

    King vs. California-King – As king mattresses are more comprehensive than the latter, it is suitable for couples who want extra space between them when they sleep or if you have broader rooms. Tall couples with narrow but long rooms may go for the California-king-sized mattress.

Which Mattress is Best For Me?

When you invest in a quality mattress, you must do some research and comparisons so that you don’t end up regretting your decision. While shopping for a bed, you must keep the following in mind before buying a new mattress.

  1.     Bedroom size.
  2.     Your body height and diameter.
  3.     Decide per your budget.
  4.     Analyze the warranty information and the trial period.
  5.     A purchase plan.

Whether you buy from a store or make an online purchase, ensure that you can quickly move the mattress through the doors before placing it in your bedroom. If you buy more oversized mattresses than your door capacity, it would be cumbersome to put them in the desired room. Also, for added advantage, see if the mattress company or the store provides white-glove services.

Now you know that, there is no right or wrong size of a mattress; but you must find the size that is ideal for you. People who want to shop for the best mattress must have a planned purchasing approach, so that you won’t end up buying the wrong size or outside your budget.  

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