Measures To Prevent Mice Infestation in Your Home

Posted April 16, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Spotting even a single mouse in your home can be stressful as you know it can destroy your things, contaminate food, and spread diseases. These creatures can quickly get into your home through the smallest of openings and cause harm to your home until you take efforts and remove them out from your property. 

If the thought of seeing a mouse in your home worries you, you need to take precautionary measures to keep them away from your property.

Using simple tricks, you can keep mice and rodents away from your home and do away with the need of availing pest control Melbourne  property.  

Mouse in box looking up.

1. Block All Openings in Your Home 

Since mice can enter your home from the smallest of opening, it is essential to block every opening and avoid giving them access. Inspect your property well and look for potential entry points like cracks, holes, etc. If you find small openings, you can block them using a steel wool sponge.    

2. Maintain Cleanliness

It is important to clean every corner of your home thoroughly. Dirty spaces attract mice, rodents and all types of pests. To avoid pest attacks in your home, it is best to clean it regularly. Ensure no leftover food items stay on the floor or countertop of your kitchen, as this is the primary cause for attracting mice in your home. 

3. Store Food in Tight Jars 

Since many food items come in paper or cardboard packaging, it is crucial to shift them to airtight containers. Food stored in paper or cardboard packaging attracts mice as they can chew on them. However, if food is stored in glass or plastic containers, they wouldn’t be able to attack it.  

4. Make Use of Screened Doors 

You cannot prevent opening your home doors multiple times a day. However, it is advisable to open the door only when required. You must keep the doors shut at all times unless you need to step out or in the house. If you want to add a layer of protection to your doors, you can have them screened. Screened doors serve as an excellent method to restrict the entry of various pests. 

5. Block Vents and Chimney Opening with Screen 

You may also cover the vents and chimney opening in your home using high-quality screens, as these also serve as entry points for rodents.  

6. Use Aromatic Essential Oils in Your Home 

Mice hate the smell of aromatic essential oil. You can use any essential oil to give your home a refreshing feel and keep rodents at bay. It is recommended to keep cotton balls with aromatic essential oil in vulnerable areas to mice attack. You can choose any fragrance, depending on your preference.  

7. Check for Packages and Boxes Before You Bring Them Home  

There are chances of you carrying boxes and packages with a mouse. When opening a package or box, stay outside of your home to ensure there are no rodents or other pests in the packaging. Once you are confident about the box being clear of pests, you can bring it to your home.  

8. Trim Tree Branches and Vines Around Your Home 

Mice have the potential to travel into your home through tree branches and vines that grow along the walls of your home. To avoid letting them in, you could cut these branches and vines regularly.  

If you have spotted a mouse on your property, it is essential to take action immediately as one mouse can attract many more to your home. You could get a mousetrap to catch hold of it or appoint a pest control company to inspect your property and carry out the necessary treatment. If you delay the procedure of removing mice and rodents from your home, you are putting the health of your family at risk