Medical Tourism: Benefits of Having a Breast Augmentation in Turkey

Posted May 25, 2020 by in Lifestyle
Istanbul, Turkey

Have you been considering a breast augmentation? It’s a personal decision and if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, you should totally go for it. Medical tourism makes it possible to undergo treatment in the best clinics in foreign countries.

In Turkey, hospitals successfully perform millions of plastic surgeries per year. This number is largely due to the availability of modern equipment. Breast augmentation in Turkey is one of the most popular procedures among all plastic surgeries. But why Turkey? 

Benefits of Turkey

Turkey ranks third in the world regarding the number of foreign patients. The nature of Turkey fascinates with its beauty, the noise of the sea, as well as with beautiful architecture. However, the main advantage of Turkey is the availability of the most advanced equipment which allows performing operations of any complexity. These advantages make treatment in Turkey one of the best in the world.

The patient care in Turkish clinics is at a high level, as evidenced by the presence of JSI quality certificates in most healthcare facilities. An undeniable advantage of Turkey hospitals is also the fact that prices for plastic surgery are lower than in European countries by about 20%.


Breast augmentation surgeries are performed not only for medical reasons but also for aesthetic reasons when a woman is not satisfied with her breasts.

Breast augmentation indications include the following ones:

  • Congenital abnormalities of the mammary glands.
  • Mammary gland hypotrophy.
  • Breastfeeding breast atrophy.
  • Asymmetry of the mammary glands.
  • The desire of a woman to change the shape and size of the breast.
  • Reconstruction of the mammary gland after mastectomy.


Breast augmentation is a surgery, that is why it is necessary to point out certain contraindications to the operation. Even though this is cosmetic surgery, some contraindications make it impossible to perform it:

  • Infectious diseases at the acute stage.
  • Decompensated pathologies of the cardiovascular system.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Thyroid diseases.
  • Morbid obesity.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Blood clotting disorders.
  • Planning to become pregnant.
  • Age under 18 years.

Cosmetic Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure performed to change the shape and size of the female breast by implanting artificial implants or the patient’s own fatty tissue. The doctor needs to know exactly what his patient wants, so he usually holds a few consultations and prescribes the necessary examinations.

Before breast surgery performing, a patient is fully examined and the best method of surgical intervention is chosen. When planning the operation, the surgeon must take into account the age of the patient, the condition of the skin and musculoskeletal system, the general health of the woman.

Breast augmentation in Turkey is performed by certified plastic surgeons with extensive experience. Surgeries are performed according to international patient safety protocols using the most up-to-date breast implants.


After the breast augmentation surgery a patient should follow the recommendations given by the doctor. For example, it is necessary to wear compression underwear, eliminate heavy physical activity, and follow the correct diet. It is obligatory to pay attention to the prevention of infectious disease development, as well as try to avoid stresses that make the body more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria.

The first few days after the surgery there may be discomfort, swelling, and restriction of movements. The sutures are removed in 5-10 days, depending on the type of surgical access. Physical activity can begin on day 5, and heavy physical activity – in a month. During the year it is not allowed to visit saunas and solariums. The final result of the operation can be estimated in six months when there will be a full recovery of breast tissue and recovery of the body.

How to Undergo Treatment Abroad

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