Meet Brandon — A Dapper Guy On A Budget

Posted September 4, 2012 by in Fashion

Here’s some more evidence that you don’t have to have a celebrity’s credit card to look dapper. Meet Brandon, a graphic designer at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art located in Richmond. He’s a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and loves art, fashion and anything beautiful.

Broke & Chic: What got you interested in fashion? 

Brandon:  My freshmen year roommate and his awesome self. Until we met in ’01, I had never come across such a well-dressed black guy, someone who seemed to actually care more than the average person about how he presented himself, and who wore clothes that actually fit him and showed the definition of his figure.

B&C: What’s one trend you can’t stand? 

B: The polo shirt/khaki shorts/flip-flop combo. I’m sorry “bro”, but please step it up a notch.

Brandon…the Broke & Chic team so agrees with you on this one!

B&C: What are your go-to stores and why? 

B: Target and American Apparel for t-shirts, the first for their assortment of Marvel Comics and Star Wars shirts, the latter for their always vibrant color selection. Urban Outfitters for a lot of dress shirts and hoodies, but mainly jeans because again, color selection. Need Supply for shoes because the quality is always, always outstanding.

B&C: Where do you get your style inspiration? 

B: Anywhere from various fashion sites to manga and movies.

B&C: How would you describe your style?

B: On point.

B&C: Has your style changed/evolved over time? 

B: YES. I went from baggy jeans and XL Fubu shirts and polos based on a close-minded high school mentality of wanting to fit in, to clothing that fit me, and actually reflected more of my personality and taste. I also used to have a closet of nothing but black and blue, but now I’m all about colors and it’s awesome.

What do you think of Brandon’s trendy-yet-classic style? Let us know in the comments below!