Meet Joinem — the Site Where Everything Is on Sale

Posted March 10, 2015 by in Lifestyle

Many of us are extremely talented shoppers these days — we’re tech savvy, we research, and we know where to go to get it for less. But we’re talking clothes, shoes, and handbags here. Not household items. The world of televisions, tablets, computers, and kitchen appliances is an entirely different ball game.

In most instances, on-sale or not, you’re definitely going to make a dent in your bank account. Sure, you can get away with not having some of the above mentioned items, but we live in an overly connected and busy world, so not having something like a computer (or a coffee maker) is ludicrous. And could you imagine going through life without a blow dryer? Of course not!

Basically, we’re required to have a fully stocked abode, regardless of our stage in life — student, recent grad, all the way to fancy Wall Street executive. So stressful!

Newly launched site, Joinem, wants to omit the stress that comes along with shopping for household necessities by helping you get them for less. Every. Single. Time.

Meet Joinem -- the site where EVERYTHING is on sale

Here’s How it Works

In short, you find a product you like on the site and it’ll be listed for a price that’s lower than the lowest price anywhere else online. This price never changes, but in order to unlock it, a certain number of people have to want to purchase it. Joinem then helps boost the group buying power (which they call WePower) by finding like-minded shoppers to join in on the buy.

You can even rally up your own connections by using the personalized referral URLs on your favorite social media platforms. Yes, the future of shopping is group buying. Woot!

Watch the short video below for more details:

You can save even more with Joinem Bucks — a rewards program that actually rewards. Get five of them for just opening up a free account! They’re also just as good as cash, 1 Joinem Buck = $1.

A Genius Way to Shop and Upgrade Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

If you’re liking what we’re dishing, check out the five items we’re coveting from Joinem below:

1. Conair Textured Wave Styler

Want to create beach waves without an actual beach? Then consider a texturizing hot tool.

Here's how to get beach waves without the beach!

  • WePower Price with 4 Buyers: $23.74
  • Cheapest Online Price: $24.99 via BestBuy
  • List Price: $29.99

2. Cuisinart Espresso Maker

Nothing beats a hot latte on a chilly morning. Unfortunately, daily Starbucks runs aren’t financially smart. Adding this espresso machine with a built-in milk frother will save you a ton of money in the long run.

at-home espresso machines save so much money!

  • WePower Price with 25 Buyers: $114.99 (only 5 more buyers needed)
  • Cheapest Online Price: $149.99 via Amazon
  • List Price: $199.00

3. Samsung 11.6″ Chromebook Computer

If you’re on the hunt for a new computer, consider a Chromebook. These computers are especially great for those who only browse the net. If you consistently use programs like Skype and Photoshop, you’re going to want something more powerful .

Only $155.19 on Joinem!

  • WePower Price with 10 Buyers: $155.19
  • Cheapest Online Price: $159.99 via Newegg
  • List Price: $199.99

4. Cuisinart Blender

It looks like the smoothie and juice trend is here to stay. If you’re trying to get healthier, consider participating by adding a blender or juicer to your morning routine.

A great way to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet!

  • WePower Price with 10 Buyers: $37.99
  • Cheapest Online Price: $39.99 via Macy’s
  • List Price: $145.00

5. Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Tablets are a must have. Read a book during breakfast, study for a class on the train, or even set up grocery delivery while watching House of Cards.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet!

  • WePower Price with 15 Buyers: $145.49
  • Cheapest Online Price: $149.99 via Amazon
  • List Price: $199.99

What are your thoughts on group buying? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Rigel Barry March 25, 2015 at 7:46 AM

    Wow! what an amazing idea. I’ve never come across this before. Power to the people. I love it.