Meet Shopular — the App That Could save You Serious $$$

Posted May 28, 2015 by in Lifestyle

The word ‘coupon’ has never been attached to the word glamorous, or stylish. As a kid, I remember my grandparents going through the newspaper to cut out coupons for grocery shopping. I also remember getting annoyed when a hard-core couponer was in front of me at the store slowing down the whole line — Mama June style.

Everyone probably agrees that saving money is great. Actually, saving money is amazing! But who has the time to cut out coupons and search the internet high-and-low for great deals? Not I.

Luckily, the world has changed and couponing is now easier than ever (and it’s stylish, too). I would like to introduce you to Shopular. This app is not only easy to use, it’ll save you a ton of money in the long run.

If you’re a Cartwheel fan (Target’s money saving app), you’ll definitely love Shopular. Now I love Target just like everyone else, but why should I only get amazing deals at Target? With Shopular, you’re able to get great deals (without the need for scissors) at all your favorite stores: J. Crew, J.Crew Factory, Forever 21, H&M, Aldo, Charlotte Russe, Old Navy, Sephora, Ulta… The list goes on and on. You can even get amazing deals at places like Best Buy, Starbucks, and REI.

If you’re interested (how can you not be?), check out the five reasons why you need to download this app ASAP:

Meet Shopular -- the App That Could save You Serious $$$

1. It Has Every Store You Could Imagine

And I mean every store. Check out the full list here.

2. You Don’t Have to Do Any of the Work

After downloading the app, Shopular will ask you to pick out your favorite stores from the list. That way you won’t have a bunch of coupons you’ll never use. I don’t have a pet, so Petco is definitely not a coupon/discount I care about. But Forever 21? You better believe it!

Meet Shopular -- the App That Could save You Serious $$$

3. You Get Notified When One of Your Favorite Stores Is Having a Deal

Instead of having to check the app constantly, you can just opt to get notifications. That way you can plan your shopping trips around deals.

Meet Shopular -- the App That Could save You Serious $$$

 4. There Are Discounts for In-store and Online

If it’s online, you’ll be given a code. If it’s in-store, you’ll get a scannable coupon.

Meet Shopular -- the App That Could save You Serious $$$

20% off Ulta! 

Meet Shopular -- the App That Could save You Serious $$$

40% off your entire purchase at Banana Republic

Shopular is definitely the Broke & Chic secret to shopping your favorite stores while on a budget. Download the app for free on your Android or iPhone device. For more updates, follow Shopular on Twitter, IG, and Facebook. Lost your phone? Now experience the ease of comfort to remotely access your android apps and data on any device by loading Bluestacks onto citrix vdi from CloudDesktopOnline powered by one of the leading providers of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting and Office 365 suite –

The Smarter Way to Shop Your Favorite Stores

Have you ever used Shopular? Let us know in the comments below!

*Shopular supported this post but had no control over the content.

  • emilytrinh May 28, 2015 at 8:51 PM

    This is amazing; thanks for sharing this app. I have a feeling I’ll be using it quite a lot from now on 🙂