The Ultimate Melrose Place Shopping Guide

Posted August 25, 2014 by in Shopping

For anyone who is familiar with the city of Los Angeles, there are certain neighborhoods and parts of the city that are meaningful in some way. Areas like Hollywood, the Sunset Strip, and others have all integrated themselves into the heart and the history of one of the most interesting places in the world.

If there’s one part of the city that has endeared itself to shoppers from around the globe, it’s fabulous Melrose Avenue. In the early 1980’s the area was known as a haven for the kids of the punk rock movement, then the world became familiar with Melrose due to the nighttime drama “Melrose Place” that was popular in the 1990’s. Throughout its history, however, Melrose Avenue has maintained its status as one of the best places to shop in the city.

While some stores have come and gone, or moved to other locations in Los Angeles, the fact remains that you can find virtually any item for every budget on Melrose Avenue, and here are a few suggestions to get you started on your own L.A. style.


High-End Items

There are no shortages of luxury shops on Melrose Avenue, so if your budget allows for it, you can spend to your heart’s content. Designers like Fred Segal, Alexander McQueen, Carolina Herrera, and many more have retail outlets here, and you never know which starlet might be in the fitting room next to you.

For luxury accessories you can wear with any outfit, why not visit Altivo Time, the best watch store in Los Angeles or another accessory store? You can also browse some of the jewelry shops that feature designs from around the world. If shoes are your thing, try a pair at TenOverSix, home to some of the best and most unique shoes in the city.

Funky and Vintage

As the Melrose area got its start in the heyday of the punk scene, it’s no surprise that you can still see remnants of that era in the remaining shops that cater to the unique and the eclectic. A store called Posers stocks items that look as if they’d be at home in the 1980’s or 1990’s, and they have what is likely the best collection of Dr. Marten’s boots in town.

Brooklyn Projects is the place to go for all off your skateboarding needs, as well.

If you’d rather be shopping in the designer stores but haven’t quite made it yet, never fear. Wasteland might be one of the best kept shopping secrets in Los Angeles. This huge retail space is filled with designer clothing on consignment, and you’ll be amazed at some of the gorgeous garments you can pick up at a bargain price.

Dining and Other Options

Not only will you find clothing and shoes galore on Melrose Avenue, you’ll also find a plethora of places to eat and drink, furnish your home, buy whimsical children’s toys, and so much more.

Try Sweet Lady Jane for decadent desserts and coffee, or Mel + Rose Wine and Spirits which features a fully stocked bar in addition to a wide selection of wines and liquors to enjoy at home. You can visit ink restaurant, owned and operated by Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio. Whether you prefer pizza, sushi, pasta, or any other type of cuisine, you can find it on Melrose.

For those that enjoy luxury in their home, no trip to Melrose is complete without a stop a La Maison Francaise. The experienced antique dealers here have been furnishing the homes of the rich and famous for years, and if you can afford it they can find some priceless collectible for you, too. For those on more of a limited budget, Thanks for the Memories is the perfect place to shop. Stocked with pieces from the more recent decades, they also specialize in art deco styles and vintage clothing and accessories.

When you need a break, be sure to check out Bookmarc. An offshoot of designer Marc Jacobs’ empire, Bookmarc offers eclectic and unusual books and gifts and it’s a lot of fun to simply browse the unique items.


Whether you’re a visitor to Los Angeles or a local, Melrose Avenue is the best place to shop, dine, people watch, and just take in the incredible atmosphere that the city in general, and this neighborhood in particular, has in abundance. No matter what’s on your shopping list, you’re certain to find it, and a whole lot more, on Melrose Avenue.