Men’s Fashion—Complement Your Bespoke Suits and Outfits with Accessories

Posted August 11, 2021 by in Fashion

Bespoke suits and tuxedos are the epitome of luxury and classic appeal for the men who prefer to present themselves in the most appealing light for any occasion, whether it be a formal gathering or perhaps the biggest day of their life, a wedding. 

The style, material, and fit are precise to the individual, with choices ranging from cashmere to cotton. It’s the utmost in sophistication. So much so, the clothing is no longer limited strictly for men, but women are starting to inquire about options for themselves. 

But the clothing is not the only thing that stands out, though; it does so quite nicely on its own. The ideal accessories make a suit and custom tuxedo shine above everyone else in the room. They’re not meant to overshadow the elegance of the clothing but merely complement the apparel.

Let’s check out some examples:

Complement Your Bespoke Suits And Outfits With Accessories

Whether you’re a man or a woman in today’s modern world, bespoke clothing can be tailor-made to fit you perfectly for any event, whether it be a business event or a formal affair, perhaps a wedding, maybe yours. 

You have the option for selecting what will suit you as far as style, get measured for the ideal fit, and choose a material that works best for you. These can range from cotton all the way to cashmere. 

While the final result creates a statement when you walk into a room, you want to go that extra mile, so you really stand out above everyone in the crowd. In order to do that, you want to style the hair, choose the ideal shoes, and, of course, accessorize. But what is adequate with accessories and what is garish. Let’s look at a few things you can add without going over the top. You could start looking for a new bracelet, for example.

The Wrist

When it comes to bespoke suits and tuxedos, there’s a little turbulence with wrist accompaniments. Some are pro wrist bracelets, but others argue it is against the notion of elegance. Gentlemen do agree, however, that wristwatches are ideal for all suits, but not all are appropriate. 

The digital variety is not in any way sophisticated; instead, the analog is the option for all men of class who choose the custom outfit. Preferably you’ll opt for one with a face and a band that complements the suit, with leather being the most “formal” choice.

The Cufflinks

Cufflinks tend to be an option for those wearing well-made bespoke clothing, but it says a lot about a character if you choose to accessorize with these pieces. There are many from which to select whether they are plain in design to ornamental. For those already committed to a bespoke tailor suite, it would be wise to opt for a custom cufflink to complement it.

These mean to highlight the suit or tuxedo, not overshadow it. These make you stand out but don’t detract from the main attraction, the classic design of the clothing. One of the staples for a classy garment is the handkerchief as a representative of sophistication and formality, plus it means to impress anyone who might feel a bit weepy. 

The accessory will go on the front area in the pocket of the suit or the tuxedo, and you’ll need to have at least two of these so that you can accommodate those who need to use one and for yourself. 

You’ll need one that won’t detract from the elegance of the suit for the front pocket. If your clothing is dark, an all-white option is safe. But if you were tasteful and conservative in every other aspect – you deserve a jolt, spice up with a bold bit of spice, how about crimson?

The Tie

In order to complete the look, there needs to be a tie or bow tie that should match or at least compliment the ensemble. This accessory can either make or break an outfit. Generally speaking, a plain choice that matches the color of the suit is safe. For the ideal option, ask the tailor who designed it for their recommendations. These will be the very best solutions to your dilemma. 

If you happen to be a groom with a tuxedo, the likelihood for a black tux is to use a black bow or neckties. More and more in the modern age, people are using neckties with tuxes. 

You can incorporate pops of color into the ensemble, but you don’t want to do it with the tie. It is possible with a boutonniere, perhaps the handkerchief, but preferably a minimal touch, nothing significant or that will in any way detract from the main attraction, especially if you are a groom, and the bride demands full attention.

Bespoke suits, outfits, tuxedos are the ideal way to make a statement in any situation, whether you’re a man or woman going to a formal affair, a business event, a social gathering, or one of the most important days of your life – your wedding. See here for bespoke options for women.

The outfit itself speaks volumes without you needing to utter a word in the way it fits your body, the material that you select, and the style that you choose that speaks solely to your character. It lets people know who exactly you are as an individual adding a layer of elegance and sophistication even if you don’t intend that with your selections; an added bonus.

Complementing the beauty and class of the suit or tuxedo with accessories merely helps you stand out; though, you likely already do. These extra pieces bring appeal and a touch of luxury to an already attractive look. 

The accessories shouldn’t go over the top; instead, merely accentuate the fine points. And while you’re keeping everything understated, it’s okay to add a punch somewhere, like maybe with the handkerchief as kind of an “exclamation point,” if you will. 

Bespoke tailors give you the pieces to work with, but you bring it to life.