Menswear That Has Proven to Be Timeless

Posted July 25, 2019 by in Fashion
Menswear That Has Proven to Be Timeless

Fashion and style is something that always makes a lot of sense when it comes to women. The question is, do men care about what is trending or not? Well, the answer is yes—men also care about looking good. However, trends always come and go.

Some tend to come back after some years, but others have proven to be timeless. Those that surpass the time test will always look good whether you bought them today or ten years ago. As long as they are in good condition, you are still on point. Here is a list of men’s style trends that has proven to be timeless:

  1. Men’s Boots

You cannot talk about men’s fashion without saying something about their boots. Men’s boots come in different names, styles, and trends. The brands are also numerous. Boots not only serve as a statement of fashion for men, but they are also good for protection from cold or harm based on the environment you are walking into.

Boots has been popular since the 1820s and, apparently, they are here to stay. By the way, any men’s shoe whose shaft goes beyond the ankle is a boot, and this means that they also come in different lengths.

You can never go wrong with the ever-popular Ariat mens square toe cowboy boots. They have stood the test of time and everyone, not just cowboys, are wearing them. 

Menswear That Has Proven to Be Timeless

  1. Denim Shirt

The good thing about a denim shirt is the fact that it has been here for a long time, but it is always in fashion. Great men such as Alain Delon, who is a great actor from the sixties, wore denim shirts because they were in fashion. Apparently, people are still wearing them today because they are still in fashion.

The surprising thing is that denim shirts look good both on men and women. This trend may be here even in more decades to come.

Menswear That Has Proven to Be Timeless

  1. Trench Coat

Have you ever watched those movies from the early 1900s? If you have, then you must have seen that most men actors used to wear trench coats. The trench coat first came as attire for British officers in the year 1895 before it became a trending fashion for both men and women.

Today, the trench coat is a very classic piece that comes in different styles and colors. With a nice men’s trench coat, a cowboy hat, and cowboy boots, you can proudly say that you have a horse riding starter pack. The trench coat is not going anywhere.

Menswear That Has Proven to Be Timeless

  1. The Suede Loafer

Suede loafers came into existence back in the 1930s. Are you surprised? Maybe you are because it is 2019 and you still have several pairs of the same shoes. There may be several versions of the shoe, but the main details have remained unchanged for a very long time. The good thing about this shoe is that it is long-lasting. It usually goes well with casual clothes, such as jeans.

If you didn’t know before, the suede loafer does not require you to have a clean pair of socks as it looks good without them. That’s a secret.

Menswear That Has Proven to Be Timeless

  1. The Navy Blazer

More women are wearing navy blazers today than ever before. The best explanation for this could be the fact that men have been wearing these blazers for a very long time, which tempted women to try it too.

There are numerous versions of a navy blazer, which makes it possible to wear it on almost all occasions. Almost every man has at least two of these, and while you can mix it up with an official trouser, it also goes well with jeans or khaki trousers and a t-shirt.

Menswear That Has Proven to Be Timeless

  1. Black Leather Oxford

Every man who considers himself stylish has a pair of these sleek leather shoes. These shoes have been here for ages, and you can bet that they are here to stay. Traditionally they were considered as an official shoe only, but today men tend to rock them with their favorite jeans. The lacing mechanism for these shoes can help you get a different look every time you wear them. For instance, the closed lacing is good for office, and the open lacing is perfect for casual occasions.

Menswear That Has Proven to Be Timeless

Fashion is something that everyone wants. You already know that to be stylish, you do not have to look for the newest trend in the market, but you can look for those trends that never grow old.