Metal Roofing vs. Concrete Roofing: What Are the Advantages of Each?

Posted September 5, 2023 by in Home

When you are replacing or installing a roof you want to make the right decision as to what sort of material is best to use. If you are trying to choose between metal or concrete roofing it is a good idea to appreciate the respective advantages attached to each option.

The two most popular options for roofing materials tend to be concrete or metal roofing. Here is a comparison of the two so that you can make an informed decision and pick the right one for your requirements.

How do installation costs compare?

You can usually expect to pay a little more for a metal roof compared to a concrete roof when it comes to installation costs. There is a valid reason for this disparity.

Concrete roofs are heavy and require a great deal of care and attention to avoid any damage when being installed.  A metal roof is often more labor-intensive to install as a result of handling metal sheets, which tend to be a bit more invasive.

Installation costs are just one aspect to consider. When you consider the lifespan and performance of a metal roof you might decide that it is worth paying a small amount more compared to a concrete roof.

Life span and weather resistance

It is not uncommon for a metal roof to last as long as 40+ years if it is maintained correctly. A concrete roof can also last for a similar length of time, although this depends on the quality of the installation process and components such as shingles and joints.

Metal roofs can offer good rain and water resistance, provided it is installed correctly. Concrete tiles are also good at resisting the elements.

Safety considerations

A key point to consider about metal roofing is that it is non-combustible. It is recognized as Class A fire-resistant and outperforms concrete roofing when it comes to fire resistance.

A concrete roof is more prone to being damaged by fire and burning when exposed to extreme heat for any period of time.

It is also worth noting that metal roofs have better walkability than concrete roofs. They are not specifically designed to be walked on regularly, but when you are carrying out an inspection or repairs you can do so safely. Concrete roofs are not considered safe to walk on as they are prone to cracking when exposed to weight in this way.

Repair costs

Metal roofs tend to be less expensive to repair compared to concrete. A replacement installation can be a quick process and easier to complete compared to repairing damage to a concrete roof.

In summary, both metal and concrete roofs have their advantages and disadvantages. A metal roof can be painted to look like other material types if you want the performance of metal but require a different aesthetic appeal. That could also be a consideration when trying to decide the best roofing material.

It is always a good idea to talk to your roofing supplier about your options and discuss the suitability of your chosen material for the proposed installation. They will be able to guide you toward the best roofing solution.