Michelle Obama: Smart, Influential, and Feminine

Posted March 30, 2015 by in Career

If we learned anything about Legally Blonde, we know that looks — whether we like it or not — influence the way others perceive our work. Yes, you know you are focused and organized, but others don’t. And as young professionals, we want to be perceived as such. Sadly, these characteristics are associated with masculine traits.

I don’t want to start a political and sociological debate on how this is unfair or unfortunate, but, to me, this reality is reflected in the way I dress for professional purposes. Why do I feel more empowered and confident when choosing the suit over the dress? Who on earth told me prints and colors are inappropriate?

Of course, what looks professional varies from person to person. But, it seems as if we have accepted that “feminized” suits — usually unfitted pastel pants — or a pencil skirts are the norm. Floral skirt or structured pretty dress for the Monday meeting? SHOCKER!

In my case, pantsuits, black blazers, and a watch are my essentials. However, First Lady Michelle Obama had me questioning my fashion choices over the past few years.

Embrace Femininity: Choose the Dress over the Pants

Photo via The New York Times

Mrs. Obama just came back from Asia, where she promoted the “Let the Girls Learn” campaign. She ran the ancient continent wearing bright prints and colorful skirts, showing girls on that side of the world that they can be girly, smart and influential in pink.

Given, your fashion choices shouldn’t be your most important work asset, but they certainly account for a big percentage of what others think of you in the very first interactions. However, it is about time we learn how to embrace femininity, and see it as an asset as opposed to something to dull down.

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Embrace Femininity: Choose the Dress over the Pants

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Michelle Obama Teaches how to Feel Empowered in Pink

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