Mirror Tiles—What Happens And How To Lay Them Correctly

Posted April 27, 2021 by in Decor

Regardless of the style in which the interior of the apartment is decorated, there will always be a place for mirror surfaces in it. They give the room a lot of illumination, transforming even the most modest room. This also applies to the bathroom, which is recommended to equip with mirrors with a small area. Mirror tiles are now available in a wide range at any hardware store or on the Internet.

You can decorate the bathroom with mirror surfaces both independently and according to a design project with the direct participation of the developer. There are several options for decorating this room. One of them involves a combination of ceramic and mirror tiles. The contrast between mirrors and dark tones will add elegance and sophistication to the bathroom. Another way to decorate is to decorate a mirrored ceiling. Experts say that this is an excellent solution for the visual expansion of the bathroom. If you layout a narrow strip of reflective tiles, then you can make the borders wider.

Mirror tiles Minsk, which are offered by special online stores, are also suitable for laying on the wall opposite the window if there is one in the bathroom. The main thing is that the mirror surfaces do not occupy all the walls and ceiling. Otherwise, the bathroom will seem like a cage and not a great place to relax.

Pros and Cons of Mirror Wall Tiles

In general, the options for decorating this room with mirror wall tiles are at the mercy of the owner of the room. Much depends on his capabilities and wishes. But in any case, you need to know about some of the pros and cons of this decorative coating. It’s worth starting with the merits. Mirror tiles:

  • durable;
  • does not burn;
  • not afraid of alkalis and acids;
  • due to its colors, it has high decorative performance;
  • expands the space visually.

The disadvantages include the fact that the mirror wall tiles quickly darken if there is poor ventilation in the bathroom. You can also remember that this material is, in fact, fragile glass. And it is very easy to damage it during installation.

Laying Material

Therefore, the laying of mirror tiles, despite the simplicity of the process, should be approached carefully. First, you need to align the walls. You can glue the tiles on silicone, although liquid nails should be a higher priority. When removing the protective film from the tile, you need to make sure that the material does not come into contact with sand, cement, and sharp objects. They can damage the tiles. You can cut it with a glass cutter. 

After finishing the work, you need to wait a couple of days. During this time, the decorative coating will dry out. Next, you just need to polish the mirror with a rag and wipe the seams with silicone. You can also use a vinegar solution, which is used to wipe all accessible surfaces. Then polish it with a dry cloth and hundreds of small mirrors will immediately sparkle with reflections of the reflected light.